Dedicated to providing training in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Movement Arts, and Wholistic Nutrition since 1995.

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts’ mission is to build healthy communities through whole mind/body education focused on the empowerment of every individual to realize their physical, mental, and spiritual potential.





Amma Therapy



A unique, comprehensive, and transformative massage and wholistic health program fusing Chinese Medicine, Asian bodywork, nutrition, personal development and more.

For a short introduction to the program, check out our two-minute video on the Amma Therapy program page!



Wholistic Nutrition Program

Starts February 26th & 27th, 2016


Join the dynamic and rapidly growing field of wholistic nutrition. Our program is very hands-on and has a strong focus on health relationships with food and community.


Natural Choice Awards

Thank you for voting us in the top three for Favorite Schools for Holistic Medicine as part of the annual Natural Choice Awards!

Michael Guida, our Amma Therapy Program senior instructor, also received a “Nattie” as one of Portland’s favorite body workers. Congratulations!


Office Hours

Office hours at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts vary, so please call 503-688-1482 before visiting to ensure someone will be in the office to welcome you.

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Upcoming Highlights

Nutrition for Natural Libido Support
Bari Mandelbaum, CHN, NC
December 5th & 6th, 2015
Eligible for 14 CEUS

Learn about food, herbs and lifestyle techniques to improve clients’ sexual wellbeing. This class is open to all health and helping professionals.

Daily Dose I
Carole Freeman, MS, CHt
December 12 & 13, 2015
Eligible for 14 CEUs

This class covers various vitamins and minerals including details on their uses, sources, safety, cofactors, synergists and contraindications. This class is open to both laypersons and practitioners.

Caring for Cancer
Rylen Feeney & Michael Guida
January 23 & 24, 2016
Eligible for 14 CEUs

The class covers nutrition, herbs, supplements, qigong, acupressure points, and massage techniques for easing and enhancing western treatments, while reducing the side-effects of Chemo and Radiation. Open to all persons dealing with cancer or caring for someone during any phase of cancer treatment, laypersons and professionals.

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Amma Therapy Open House Special Event 

 Tuesday, December 8th, 5:30-7:30

Learn more about Amma Therapy. Meet current students and faculty. Experience an Amma demo. Get all of your questions answered about this exciting program!

RSVP Required for this event!


Movement Classes
Tai Chi: Mondays (5:30PM), Thursdays (9:00AM) and Saturdays (8:00AM).

Hulu Gong Qigong: Wednesdays beginning January 5th @ 1:30PM

Meditation: Tuesdays beginning January 12th @ 6:00pm

Check out our classes page for details on dates and times!