Amma Therapy at The Wellspring School in Portland, OR

Amma Therapy Student Clinic

Discover the Korean lineage art of Amma Therapy! Each session typically includes tongue & pulse assessment, nutritional, herbal, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations in addition to Asian bodywork. Enjoy a one-hour supervised session for only $35!

Event Space At The Wellspring School

Rent Our Space

Whether it’s a movement class, a meeting, a weekend workshop or a fully provisioned therapy space, The Wellspring School has spaces available to meet your space rental needs at very reasonable rates.

The Wellspring School Class

Classes at The Wellspring School

We offer a wide variety of fun, informative and interesting classes for community members as well as practitioners looking to fill continuing education requirements. We offer ongoing movement classes, weekend workshops, short class series and more on various wholistic healthcare topics.

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Upcoming Women's Health Classes

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Fibroids, and Endometriosis, a Wholistic Approach. Attend one of these evening classes to deepen your understanding of the current western and wholistic approaches and treatment of each condition.  We will cover nutrition, herbs, supplements and lifestyle recommendations.  Tuesday nights 5:30-7:30pm, March 6, April 3, and April 10. $40 each


Feldenkrais® Mini Workshops with Susan Marshall

Three Mini Feldenkrais® Workshops! Offered Sundays from 1:30pm - 4:30pm February 25th,

How I Got My Wiggle Back - February 25th | Fear of Falling - March 25th | Help! I've Fallen, and I Can't Get Up! These classes are perfect for those recovering from injury, chronic movement limitations, postural imbalances and mature folks wanting to keep flexible and balanced physically.

Wellspring School Class

At The Wellspring School our mission is to build healthy communities through education focused on the empowerment of every individual to realize their physical, mental and spiritual potential.

We believe health is a lifelong commitment that requires the authenticity, integrity and curiosity of every individual. Our approach to education includes the traditions of Chinese Medicine, the lineage based practice of Amma Therapy, and cutting edge wholistic healthcare information spanning the areas of nutrition, herbs, supplementation, movement and bodywork.

As a small, boutique school, we support apprentice-style education with a strong in person commitment where students are present and engaged at the classroom level. We are 100% dedicated to the growth of our students.

What does The Wellspring School do?

At the program level,

we offer training in Amma Therapy, a lineage based healing art that incorporates movement, wholistic nutrition and herbs in tandem with bodywork technique to prepare practitioners for a rewarding career as a wholistic healthcare professional.

At the professional level,

we offer continuing education classes designed to meet the needs of practitioners from a variety of fields, including acupuncturists, bodyworkers, and wholistic nutritionists. These classes/series are designed to enrich existing practices in a dynamic, in-person classroom setting.

At the community level,

we offer ongoing movement and meditation classes as well as classes focused on education in the areas of herbs, supplementation, nutrition and so much more to address all aspects of health and well-being.

Other Happenings in Our Space

WSHA Alumni Association Gathering

Join fellow Amma and WNP alumni on Tuesday, February 13th from 6-8pm @ The Wellspring School for the next gathering.

WSHA Students & Alumni Tongue & Pulse Clinic

WSHA Students & Alumni: Join Rylen for an evening of T&P review on Thursday, February 22nd, 6-8PM. $20. Register today on the classes page, alumni tab.


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