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For those of you who are familiar with our programs, you may already know that clinic is an integral part of the student experience at The Wellspring School. Whether Amma Therapy or Wholistic Nutrition, clinicals are a tremendous opportunity to practice your skills, apply your knowledge, and receive invaluable feedback from instructors, peers, and clients. Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like to sit in our students’ chair, as told by WNP2 Graduate and current Office Administrator, Lauren Acker.


“Clinics bring an air of excitement, some nervous jitters, and a few butterflies to your stomach. As you and your classmates await the introduction to your clients, your mind races with last-minute reminders as you push any self-doubts away to make room for a calm affirmation, “I can do this.” A few minutes later, your client sits in front of you. Almost effortlessly, you zone into your client; distractions fade as you focus in on their narrative, their needs. Then comes the subtle shift – the moment that you realize this is the reason you sat in class all those weekends, diligently absorbing the lecture and taking notes (even when the weather outside was beautiful and inviting). It was all so you could be here, in this moment, to help this person. At the end of the session, the nervous jitters drift off and give way to feelings of empowerment and accomplishment. You realize just how much you truly do know and this real world experience brings the classroom theory to life.” -LA

Not only is clinic a powerful opportunity for our students, but it can be a very enriching experience for our clients too. It’s a chance to have an individualized assessment and get nutrition tips that are relevant to you at a very low price point. Wholistic Nutrition clinics are donation based, so what you pay is up to you.

“The recommendations were given kindly and genuinely and were totally realistic. I really appreciated their thoughtfulness and thoroughness! Thank you!” – WNP3 Clinic Client

If you’re interested in the Wholistic Nutrition Program, this is a great way to get more insight into the program, interface with our students, and see what The Wellspring School is all about!  Whether you’re a prospective student, current student, alum, or local community member, we encourage everyone to support our upcoming Wholistic Nutrition Student Clinic on September 26th & 27th and October 24th & 25th.

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Want to become a student? Our next Wholistic Nutrition Program is scheduled to start February 2016. The updated student catalogue with program dates and details will be released before the end of September. Enrollment will open and the application will be available on our website at that time!


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