Rylen And Rachael Owners Of The Wellspring SchoolThe Wellspring School for Healing Arts was founded in 1995 by Rylen Feeney in Boise, Idaho, to teach and preserve the lineage healing art, Amma Therapy (Asian Bodywork). In 2010, Rylen was joined by current co-owner, Rachael Myles and in 2011 the two opened the Portland, Oregon location.

Now solely based in Portland, Oregon, the school is currently owned and operated by Rylen Feeney and Rachael Myles. At The Wellspring School, we offer comprehensive programs, continuing education and community classes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amma Therapy (Asian Bodywork Therapy), wholistic nutrition, herbs, movement arts and wholistic healthcare. The Wellspring School’s Amma Therapy program is inspired, demanding, rewarding, and exceed national standards. The school’s commitment to continuing education and community classes are of equal caliber.

The Wellspring School is the only school in the United States that is dedicated to teaching Amma Therapy in its full form.

The program gives students a strong Chinese Medicine foundation, emphasizes healthy lifestyle, nutrition and focuses on self-care of the practitioner. The program is based on apprentice style of learning, where the student to teacher ratio remains small to ensure there is 100% attention given to the student. At The Wellspring School, we encourage our students to be authentic, present and engaged in their development personally and professionally. Graduates of the Amma Therapy program in Oregon are eligible to sit for examination and apply for state licensure as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

The Wholistic Nutrition certification program was first offered in 2007. The program was vetted and approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) as well as the American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC). Initially one of the few wholistic nutrition programs of its kind, it has remained a strong offering amidst exponential growth in the field. In 2017, the last program group matriculated, and as of 2018 the program will no longer be offered in its current professional certification form.

Tech Class At The Wellspring School

As the school heads into 2018, there will be a strong emphasis on quality continuing education classes to meet the needs of wholistic healthcare professionals across the spectrum.

Continuing education class topics will range from general herbal studies, wholistic nutrition topics to self-care to classes dedicated to caring for specific conditions. Many of our classes look at topics thorough the lens of both Chinese medicine and wholistic western medicine making our classes valuable for a variety of healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to be a trusted continuing education resources for various disciplines. We will also continue to offer classes for our community members in search of personal enrichment and well-being.

Training at The Wellspring School is far more than memorization and learning a technique: it is a journey of self-discovery. Students are encouraged to recognize patterns in themselves and embrace way in which their health can be improved, allowing them to become better practitioners by living authentically with the principles of wholistic health. Whether you are an existing practitioner, someone looking to start a dedicated career in wholistic healthcare, or an individual wanting to learn more on a personal level, The Wellspring School encourages each individual student to gain the most from his or her educational experience.

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