Alum Spotlight: Frankie Leigh Niwott

Featured Image Frankie Leigh

You graduated from the program in September 2014, how have you been applying your Wholistic Nutrition knowledge since then?

In June of 2015, I was asked to join Watershed Wellness, a holistic health center in SE Portland. This environment has given me the opportunity to work alongside like minded folks and fill their need for a specialized nutritional therapist. My practice has been growing slow and steady, giving me time to recognize daily the unique qualities of my clients and develop a comprehensive approach to help nourish their lives. I have found myself increasingly interested in the relationship between stress, anxiety and people’s interaction with food.


How has nutrition become part of your practice as a yoga instructor?

Nutrition has helped awaken my curiosity in the complexity of the body. As a yoga instructor, I am able to focus on much more than muscles as I introduce the importance of self connection and restoration for the functionality of the entire body. This is true of my work with nutrition clients as well. So often the race of life leaves people without a window to calm their bodies, leaving out such an important part of digestive health and down regulation of the nervous system. Through a combined awareness of nutritional and yoga therapy, I am able to knit together restorative wellness that addresses the whole body system.


Where can we find your practices, both for nutrition as well as on the yoga mat?

You can find my Nutritional Therapy practice at Watershed Wellness in SE Portland. As for yoga, I am currently teaching at The Bhaktishop and Matt Dishman Community Center. Check out my schedule at!


Any words of advice to prospective and incoming students who are just getting into the field of Wholistic Nutrition?

The love of knowledge may be your most long lasting relationship. Because of this, treat it as such, be patient, open hearted, honest, fascinated, in awe and awake to the complexities you will find. Creating this relationship as you learn, transfers to the people and communities you will reach in your work. This is what this field needs, a deep sense of integrity and connection.



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