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We’re excited to have a new group of Wholistic Nutrition Program students starting classes next weekend (February 27th & 28th). We will be kicking the weekend off at New Student Orientation on Friday, February 26th. If you are interested in joining the program it’s not too late! Contact us ASAP if you’re interested and we’ll help you get the enrollment process rolling! ( or 530.688.1482)

As we enroll students for new programs, we love to hear about their inspiration for taking the program. We also enjoy answering questions about what opportunities lay ahead for students who graduate from the Wholistic Nutrition Program by catching up with some of our alum. This week, we talked with Jen Labrecque. Hi, Jen!


Q: You graduated from the program in May 2015, what have you been up to since then? How have you used your certification?

Finishing the Wholistic Nutrition Program last May was very exciting. My whole class was full of ideas and brimming with knowledge. I moved to Portland for the sole reason of attending The Wellspring School and so have always had the intention of moving back home when I was done. It’s been interesting how quickly the time since then has passed. Because I’ve no plans to settle here in Oregon, I haven’t been using my certification professionally. On a personal level I have certainly been using it, however. I really believe that as nutritionists we need to be our own first clients. I’ve been working full time at an unrelated job, but using my free time to start really working on my own personal health. I’ve also been working on business ideas, plans, and research for when I begin my own practice.


Q: Tell us more about your upcoming move to Maine! What are you planning to create when you get there? What type of practice you envision having?

My move back home, to Maine, is coming up in just two months. I am nervous and very excited. Nervous because I am finally going to buckle down and start putting in the hard work of creating my own practice. Maine has great resources for small business start-ups, which is going to be really helpful. Portland, Maine is slowly turning into a mini Portland, Oregon as far as interest in eating locally and organically, as well as general interest in more holistic living. Now is a great time to start a business such as mine in the small city. I plan on starting a business that offers not only nutritionist services but also full healthy lifestyle support. One thing I’ve really discovered working on myself during the months since graduation is that choosing to eat right is really only a small part of getting healthy. Many other areas of our lifestyles may need to be worked on before we can make consistent decisions to eat healthier. Things like mindfulness and emotional awareness, and also how our homes and spaces feel around us, time in nature, and movement. I want to include consulting in all these areas in my future practice.


Q: Any words of advice to prospective and incoming students who are just getting into the field of Wholistic Nutrition?

I would offer incoming students the advice that during the course of the program they really need to define a vision of themselves practicing nutrition or whatever it is they wish to do with their certification. Starting your own business from scratch is a very daunting process and holding a strong vision of yourself as a knowledgeable, capable, successful practitioner is very important to staying motivated to create your end goal. I’m finding this incredibly important for myself right now as I prepare to move East and start looking for clients. A part of me almost doesn’t feel ready. But, it is good to start before you are ready, otherwise you never will be. Just begin seeing clients and the rest will follow.


We look forward to staying in touch with Jen and hearing how her practice unfolds in Maine. Best wishes, Jen!

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  1. Kelsey Crawford on February 22, 2016 at 9:00 am

    I had the opportunity to meet Jen at the Chinese New Year celebration at The Wellspring recently. Her enthusiasm about her future business plans was nothing short of inspiring to me. By addressing lifestyle and nutrition support in her future practice, she has found a great way to bring together all aspects of what it really means to be a Wholistic Nutritionist! Can’t wait to hear more updates!

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