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This past weekend’s Amma (PDX) Group 2 graduation (woot! woot!) brought us many high points in celebrating the accomplishments of this great group. One of the highlights was reconnecting with alumni Aaron Noleen, Amma (BOI) Group 2 (1999) and past instructor for The Wellspring School in Boise. Great to see you again, Aaron!

Aaron spoke to the new graduates about his memories of being a student, working as a practitioner for the past 18 years and his time spent in the classroom. Having multiple generations of lineage holders in one space was really inspiring! We are grateful to be able to help create and hold space for such an auspicious community.

While Aaron was here, we were able to catch up with him. Check out the below Q&A to see what he had to say about his journey along the path of Amma Therapy.


Q: You graduated from our Amma program 18 years ago. What are some of the strongest memories you have from your time studying as an Amma student?

A: I remember that classes were hard and sometimes it was a struggle, but ultimately it was so rewarding. If you give yourself the space to learn, the knowledge really increases with each segment. The energy from the palpation/hands-on aspect of the technique classes resonated with me from the very beginning.

Q: How has Amma influenced you personally and professionally over the last 18 years?

A: Personally, it has shown me the importance of self care and to respect myself (authentically). Professionally, completing the (Amma) program gave me a higher sense of professionalism where I could more effectively hold space for people to experience healing in a truly legitimate way. I like working as a respected professional in a more clinical setting. The program allowed me to do this.

Q: Looking back on your education at The Wellspring School, what aspects of the program have been most valuable as you created and developed a practice of your own?

A: Applied Tech I & II (3rd & 4th segments in the program) and learning specific treatment protocols for various disharmonies. This is when  and things really came together for me and where I really started to see results in working on people. I’ve been able to build on this as I’ve developed my practice.

Q: What has been most rewarding for you as a practitioner?

A: I had an experience with a senior client who said that after we had worked together they were able to let go of a serious life issue, something they’d carried with them for decades. Amma is so much more than the physical technique. Working with people at the deeper psycho-spiritual level is so rewarding.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for the new graduates on how to develop a successful practice?

A: Stay involved! If your practice is slow to get off the ground, volunteer. Do trades. Take continuing education. Stay in touch with the school. I am very thankful for the community.

Q: What would you say to someone considering the program? 

A: Do it and stick with it! It might seem hard at first but it’s worth it!


Thanks Aaron! We hope to see you again soon.


If you are interested in learning more about our next Amma Therapy Program that starts April 11th, RSVP (503.688.1482) to attend an Info Session on Wednesday, February 8th or Wednesday, March 8th from 5:30-7:00. Enrolling now! Check out the program page for more information or to apply now!



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