Alumni Spotlight: Corrina Snow – Amma, Immunity, and Baked Pears.

Corrina Snow

Corrina SnowThis is a guest post from The Wellspring School alumni Corrina Snow and part of a new series of alumni spotlights. We want to keep in touch with all of our alumni, share with what they are doing professionally and personally with our extended community, and continue to be a resource for them all. Corrina graduated from the Amma program in 2012 and Wholistic Nutrition in 2013. She now practices at Red Leaf Natural Health Clinic and at Pearl Phoenix Health.

It has been a big year! Finishing the nutrition program in June, and giving birth to my baby, Jaden in March! The health and well being of my family is very important to me, and so the topic of immunity came about very naturally—out of a desire to keep my loved ones around me healthy and vital.

Immunity and Amma

Amma treats and boosts immunity in several ways. The deep therapeutic bodywork accesses deep channel imbalances, moves congestion and lymph and old stagnation and can quicken the “processing time” of illness.

Acupoints access deep wells of healing by building Wei Qi—our body’s defense against microbes and pathogens, clearing the beginning stages infection from the body, or opening up channels to allow the sickness to pass through quicker.

Dietary Therapy provides seasonally appropriate, delicious, food remedies to accompany your Amma treatment.

Herbal teas and formulas provide continual healing between Amma sessions. I love making new infusions, the latest: elderberry, rose hip lemonbalm and red clover, with a big dollop of honey!

Baked Pears

A wonderful therapeutic recipe for all kinds of cough, dry throat or allergies. Recommended: eat this dish 1x/day for 4-7 days Ingredients 4 Pears 2 T local honey ½ tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp nutmeg ¼ cup apple cider/juice Cut top and bottom off pears and core out the center. Add them, with all of the ingredients to a pan and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Enjoy!

Amma Immune Boost Special

$55 for Wellspring School Students October-December

Book with Corrina at Red Leaf Clinic or at Pearl Phoenix Health

339 222 1685

Photos by Jen Downer at shesawthings.

Stay tuned for more insights, updates, and stories from our wonderful alumni community!

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