Alumni Spotlight: Emily Yuen, NAET Practitioner, on Autism

Emily Yuen NAET

This is a guest post from The Wellspring School alumni Emily Yuen. Emily has been practicing Amma Bodywork Therapy for over 11 years to help balance the meridians through acupressure and holistic nutrition. She is an Advanced NAET practitioner (more on that in the post below), a modality that can help desensitize food, chemical, and environmental allergies and sensitivities.

As a certified Anusara-inspired yoga teacher, Emily draws upon her knowledge of meditation, breath work and guided visualization to empower clients to heal themselves and create optimal function to live radiant lives.

Emily’s Practice

Emily Yuen performing NAET

As a 2002 ABT graduate of the Wellspring School for Healing Arts I currently reside in Boise, Idaho and work at Boise Natural Health. I work with Naturopathic Doctors and a nutritionist. I primarily specialize in treating food allergies and intolerances, autoimmune system disorders, and brain disorders such as autism and ADHD.

Discovering NAET

I use NAET, an allergy desensitization process, to build the body’s immune system and remove energetic blockages in the meridians in order to reprogram the brain to perceive the substances as neutral.

What triggered my interest in NAET were my daughter’s and my own allergies. We had a lot of them, some of them difficult to identify. Because of my background in Amma Therapy, I understood why food and environmental sensitivities manifest in different ways, depending on which channel is blocked or deficient, and what the underlying constitutional issue might be.

Our goal was be able to stop avoiding foods and environments that might cause reactions, and the NAET treatments helped with that. I wanted to pass that on and help others. My education in acupressure as part of my Amma Therapy studies at The Wellspring School and my NCCAOM certification allowed me to qualify for the NAET training.

Amma Therapy in my current practice

Amma still shapes a lot of my practice. I use Amma in about 1/3 of my sessions, and I often combine it with Emotional Freedom Technique. I also educate my clients with all the nutrition I learned from the program, and I use digestive qi gong, supplements, and nutrient techniques to help heal their guts. My knowledge of elimination diets helps me in my detective work, and I draw upon my expertise in the immune system for prevention and acute treatment. I often share with clients how to manipulate their sinus points.

In case you are considering the Amma program, I want to tell you that even if you only use the excellent education from The Wellspring School for yourself and your family, it is worth every penny. It will pay for itself in saved medical bills and increased health and energy for yourself and anyone with whom you share it.

On my mind these days: Wholistic options for kids on the autism spectrum

Currently, I am fascinated with Dr. Melillo’s work, his book Autism the Scientific Truth About Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders- and what Parents Can Do Now as well as Disconnected Kids. I am really excited that the latest research shows that discrepancies between the maturity of right and left hemispheres in the brain can lead to many types of learning disorders, processing disorders neurological disorders and autoimmune disorders.

This research substantiates why qi gong, yoga and tai chi are so healing as they are cross-body therapies that integrate the body and the brain. This research also backs up needling or manipulating the opposite side of the body as the injury since the brain is responsible for the opposite side of the body.

The latest research also proves how important nutrition is and how poor diet can exacerbate behaviors and illness and how important it is to balance the inflammatory process in the body and heal leaky gut. Knowing that autism doesn’t come from a genetic chromosomal defect but rather the hemispheres of the brain not being electrically balanced or synchronized thus interfering with the ability to integrate and share information with the rest of the body means not only is Autism treatable it is preventable.

His book includes exercises to decrease the imbalances between right and left hemisphere of the brain –  which help with sensory issues, processing disorders, autoimmune illness and food intolerance. Dr. Melillo also provides a list of botanicals to increase the balance between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory response.

With 1 in 50 children being born in the Autistic spectrum we must all educate ourselves on identifying risk factors (See Autism book) for women in their child bearing years and how to lower the risk before pregnancy. With this epidemic we will need tools like NAET and Dr. Melillo book Disconnected Kids on hemispheric integration techniques to help heal this neurological disorders.

It is refreshing to have science validate the multifaceted non-prescription approach that TCM stresses.

Contact Emily

If this post resonated with you, you have any questions for Emily, or would like to come see her as a client, contact her at:

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