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We recently had the chance to catch up with Wholistic Nutrition Program graduate, Teri Sprouse! We were thrilled to hear all the great things she has going on and we think you’ll like hearing about them too! Read more about her classes, summer camps for kids, other happenings, and tips for success!

Q: What have you been up to since you graduated from the Wholistic Nutrition Program in September?

A: It feels like it has been a whirlwind since I graduated in September. I have explored so many different paths since that day! First, I focused on combining my mental health degree with my wholistic nutrition certification to open my own private practice. I see people from kids to adults for both mental health and nutrition services. Often a client will come in for one or the other but I find myself addressing both in their treatment. These areas have such a profound impact on one another!

I did my Wellspring Community service project at the Northeast Community Center, which lead me to becoming their Nutritional Trainer after graduation. I love being there because I get to teach a monthly free Noontime Nutrition Class on rotating topics and I see clients for individual nutritional services.

Finally, I teach a monthly, hands-on class with Valerie Schafer Roth, a fellow graduate of The Wellspring School. We have taught a variety of topics including making fire cider, making kombucha, creating immunity boosting products, a holiday gift making class and our next class is a Healthy Lemonade Stand for kids. These classes are very hands on with lots of samples and the participants actually creating their own products to take home. They are lively, informative, involve lots of chopping and very messy!

Q: You’ve offered a number of classes over the last few months. How has teaching these classes helped shape your practice direction?

A: I have found that people are very interested in learning about fermented foods and drinks and gut health. I also have a personal interest in this topic so I have devoted a lot of time to reading about it. There is so much new research coming out about the interaction between gut health and physical and mental well-being. It is an exciting time to be involved with both of these fields!

Q: What topics have you discovered you really love to focus on?

A: I love working with new moms and families around establishing healthy eating habits. I feel strongly about starting kids on a nutrient dense diet as soon as possible because it puts them on a path to healthy eating for life. I recognize that the time immediately after giving birth can be a period of huge transition for women both physically and emotionally. I think it is important to offer them support during this time so they can nurture themselves and their families.

Q: What’s on tap for this summer?

A: During the summer, I will continue to expand my individual private practice. I am also VERY excited to be collaborating with Mindful Parenting PDX to offer a Mindfulness and Healthy Cooking Camp for Kids. We are offering 2 week long sessions of Mindfulness and nutritional cooking classes! Mindfulness & meditation will be led by Sheri Louis of Mindful Parenting PDX and I will teach campers about healthy nutrition through preparation and cooking of their own snacks and we will engage in other food related activities.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to WNP alum or current students?

A: Don’t be afraid to try different paths in your journey as a nutritionist. There are so many avenues to spread the word about a healthy, nutrient dense diet and until you explore the different options you don’t know which road might be right for you!


Wow! Teri has been busy doing a lot of great things. We wish her lots of luck with all of her endeavors. Any other alum out there with upcoming classes or doing things with their practice(s) they’d like to share? Contact us at We’d love to hear from you.

If you are curious about the Wholistic Nutrition Program, one of our groups will be hosting a Free Community event on Friday, August 14th and two clinics on September 26th & 27th and October 24th & 25th. Our next program is tentatively scheduled to begin in Winter 2016. Contact the school for more info.




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