Amma Alumni Spotlight: Kirsten Tankersley

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Kirsten Tankersley (LMT #23058) recently graduated from The Wellspring School Amma Therapy Program in February, 2017. Since then, she has started a private practice called West Side Amma and is currently treating on Tuesdays and Thursdays within D’Vida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center in Beaverton, Oregon.

We checked in with Kirsten to see how things have been going the last couple of months since she launched her practice. 
“One of the biggest things for me is that it never feels like I’m going to work! I love being able to grow into my own style with Amma while still honoring the lineage. I have definitely made connections with those who I have treated and have had a lot of (positive) receptivity. It’s exciting to see people get motivated and truly desire to help themselves and do the self-care they need! It’s all about helping guide their body’s healing process. I see it as a privileged when someone trusts me in that role.
So far I really enjoy the environment that I work in at D’vida Injury Clinic & Wellness Center. We have chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and myself as the Amma Therapist. They have been in a brand new location since the beginning of the year. While it’s more of a clinical setting, the aesthetics are very pleasing and inviting. One great thing about their new location is that it’s less than 5 minutes from where I live. So, if anyone ever needs a same day appointment I can typically run back down to the office. 
I work as a subcontractor Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have enjoyed easing into building my practice and having full rein over how I run my Amma practice. There are actually quite a few people who I see regularly; some of them weekly. Since I am a part of the D’Vida team, this means they have helped guide the process of credentialing so that I can accept insurance. I’ve also had the opportunity to treat people who are motor vehicle accident and workman’s comp patients of the chiropractor.”
We ask all of our students graduating from the (Amma) program to tell us what Amma means to them. Here is what Kirsten had to say:

“Amma Therapy has brought me the capacity to be aware of all aspects of my life: Mind, Body and Spirit. I love being a part of a modality that dives in deep and treats the person as a whole. This is a complete scope of practice that has given me the tools to be authentic and grounded in my practice. The results have been positive changes in both me, my family, my friends and my clients. While Amma may be seen as “just” my chosen career, it is a way of life. I feel extremely honored to be a part of this lineage.”

To schedule a treatment with Kirsten, you may call 503-626-2166 or visit

Keep up the great work, Kirsten!


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