Amma Alumni Spotlight: Misty Fall

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We recently caught up with one of our Amma Therapy graduates, Misty Fall. Since graduating in February, Misty  has launched her practice and is working to bring the benefits of Amma Therapy to the community. Read on to learn more about Misty’s passion and excitement for Amma Therapy, and the clients she hopes to attract to her practice.


Q: What does Amma Therapy mean to you?

A: I feel honored to be a part of this powerful lineage art by calling myself a certified Amma Therapist. The program at The Wellspring School is truly unique and inspiring! It is an apprenticeship style program that integrates mindful movement, nutrition, Western science and pathology with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and practice. Amma Therapy is a powerful tool that I am excited to share with people, especially in times when just living in this world can be so stressful. Everyone will benefit from an Amma Therapy treatment! What I most want to do in this world is connect with people, help, heal and learn. I learn something from each client in each treatment and I am able to hold space and really see and listen to what is going on with each person. I feel empowered to help move energetic (and sometimes physical) blockages out of the way to access the body’s natural ability to thrive in homeostasis. Amma Therapy is intersectional in that mind, body and spirit are all interwoven and considered as a microcosm in each treatment and as a macrocosm looking at life as a whole.

Q: Tell us more about your Amma Therapy practice. What does it look like so far? Where is it located, and what is the best way to book an appointment with you?

A: I am practicing at Awakenings Wellness Center @1016 SE 12th Ave in Portland OR. Awakenings is a collective of practitioners including over 20 bodyworkers of varying modalities, therapists, naturopaths as well as workshops and movement classes held in a huge classic house. I am there Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from about 9am to 9pm (last appointment 8pm).

Folks can like my Facebook page HERE to stay connected, and the best way to book appointments is through my website My intake forms are also available on my website for first time clients.


Q: What are you most excited about?

A: I am excited to attract and work with more regular clients in order to be a part of their consistent increased energy, healing and wellness. I love the moment when someone gets up from my table and feels taller, has more range of motion, decreased pain and tension, and a new sense of motivation and hope to reach their optimal health.

Q: Tell us about the client community you hope to serve.

A: I am passionate about working with the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, activists, non-binary folks, and people dealing with stress, trauma, body pain or tension. I am most interested in helping people work through PMS, PCOS, pre and post menopause, neck, back, and shoulder pain and tension, musculoskeletal misalignments, injuries from car accidents, hormonal changes, pre and post surgery, chronic pain and addiction.

I wish everyone could get at least one Amma Therapy session and one massage monthly… what a better world that would make! I believe everyone should have access to preventative health care, especially in this time where health care coverage/access is scarce and unaffordable for a lot of people. In an effort to help address this, I decided to offer sliding scale payment options. I am also welcoming new clients to my practice with an introductory offer of $55.00 for the first 90 minute Amma Therapy session. I believe Amma Therapy can help everyone and am excited to treat anyone that finds me!

We wish Misty the best of luck as she builds her practice! 


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Thursday, June 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm
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