Amma Therapy Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Hedlund

Nicole Hedlund


 We love hearing about all of the exciting ways our Amma Therapy Program graduates are utilizing their education!

This week we sat down with Nicole Hedlund, AG01 program grad, to talk about becoming licensed, starting a practice, continuing her education and supporting the lineage in her role of Teaching Assistant. Busy lady!

Read on for her answers to some common questions our Amma Therapy Program graduates encounter.  

Q: What have you been up to since graduating in November (2015)? 

A: After graduation, I took some time off to reflect on what I wanted for myself and my practice. I sat for (and passed) Oregon’s massage therapy licensing exam, and started my own private practice. I currently share a space with Pearl Phoenix Health within The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. In addition to practicing in this space, I have been working as a teaching assistant in the program and am very excited about continuing to develop as an instructor.  I have been assisting in several technique classes as well as clinic. I look forward to taking the next step towards becoming an instructor in the Amma Program in 2017.   I find that nurturing my ties with The Wellspring School keeps my skills relevant, and helps me grow as an Amma Therapist. I would also love to work within an integrative clinic, in order to expand both my knowledge and my client base; I am currently speaking with two clinics in the Portland area.

I have also expanded my practice to the beautiful coastal town of Yachats, located in central Oregon. I travel there once a month and spend the weekend treating the fine folks of Yachats, while enjoying wonderful, panoramic views of the ocean!

Q: What advice do you have for prospective students? 

A: Attending The Wellspring School for Healing Arts was one of the best decisions I made in my adult life. I chose to return to school in my late 30’s to pursue a career where I could really make a difference in someone’s life, while staying true to my values. The class schedule worked perfectly with my busy work schedule so that I could keep my job and attend school at the same time. There were times the homework load was heavy, but I had a goal in mind and was willing to do what I needed to learn as much as I could.

The Wellspring School’s Amma Therapy Program is a rigorous training program that requires dedication, personal growth, and not to mention, great time management skills. But, for someone who wants to make a difference in someone’s health, Amma Therapy can have a profound effect – found in very few other massage programs. The hard work and commitment are worth it!

The topics we covered in school were very relevant to understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to apply those concepts to bodywork. I am so pleased that I chose the Amma program for its comprehensiveness and relevance to the field of health care.  I really believe I was set up for success with the skills necessary to work with my clients to obtain their health goals.

Q: What were some of your greatest challenges during your education? 

A: One of the greatest challenges I faced was the intensity of which the Amma Therapy program made me face my reality. It was a struggle to realize my own potential as a person, while still being able to set limits and boundaries. I had many personal conflicts throughout the program, which I needed to address and overcome while keeping up with my school work. I am proud to say that I came out on the other end knowing how to deal with those conflicts, and how to set up personal and professional boundaries to lessen the effect of future conflicts.

Q: Do you have any advice for our students who are about to graduate? 

A: My number one suggestion is to take some time for yourself after graduation. Evaluate where you are in life and where you want be. Take time to finish up loose ends and then focus on your desired path within Amma Therapy. Remember, is not important how quickly you pass the board exam and begin practicing but, instead, to begin your Amma Therapy career with a clear, focused mind on your goals.

Nicole’s excitement and dedication is so inspiring! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nicole and her Amma Therapy practice! Go, Nicole! 


We are currently enrolling for the next Amma Therapy program, which begins January 3, 2017. For more information, as well as application materials, please check out the program page on our website.

Or come to one of the Amma Therapy Student Clinics held on Tuesdays. It’s a great way to learn more about Amma Therapy and do something good for yourself!

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