Amma Therapy Clinic – Student Series Part 2

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Recently we asked a group of our Amma students to respond to questions about Amma Therapy Student clinic from their perspective. In Part 1 of the series, we shared their answers on how clinic has complemented their overall educational experience, what has changed for them since the start of clinic I (6 months ago), and what has been the most interesting or rewarding aspect, so far. If you missed that post, read it here!

This week, we continue the conversation but this time, with one simple question:

If you could say something to prospective clinic clients, what would it be? 

“I truly believe in the healing properties of human touch, and I personally have watched the benefits of Amma transform many lives, both as a practicing student, and as an Amma client myself.  Everyone has a unique experience that can and will vary from treatment to treatment.  If you’re interested in improving your overall health, then come give it a try!  The least you would walk away with would be a relaxing massage.”

“Amma is a wholistic approach and is not just body work or pressure points. Even though multiple treatments are better for long term healing getting just a few can be very effective as well.”

“Amma Bodywork Therapy isn’t really well known here in Portland. Sometimes when I recommend clinic to people they get nervous because they aren’t sure what it is or worry about trying a new modality with a practitioner they don’t know. I’d like to reassure them that clinic is a safe and comfortable environment to experience this great technique and they should really try it.”

If you’ve never heard of or experienced Amma, come to clinic! We love answering questions and introducing people to this healing art that we’ve spent so long studying. If you don’t feel like you have any issues or health concerns, come to clinic! It helps us to have a variety of people to work on, and you may find it to be a relaxing and revitalizing experience. If you do have health concerns but think that students might not be able to help you, come to clinic! Our supervisor is an outstanding, competent, successful practitioner who will make sure that we address your specific needs. Clinic is for everyone. See you there!

So, that begs the question: have you been to clinic?

Amma Therapy Student Clinic will run (almost) every Wednesday afternoon  between now through September! It’s the perfect mid-week pick-me-up; relaxing, therapeutic, and tailored specifically for you and your needs. As a client, it’s a great way to experience Amma at a very affordable price point ($35). We even offer packages to repeat customers looking for a deal: buy 5 sessions up front and get a 6 session free!

And of course, our students are grateful for the support, invaluable experience, and opportunity for growth and learning that your participation affords them! We couldn’t do clinic without YOU!

As our students said, “Come to clinic!…Clinic is for everyone.” Making an appointment is easy! You can click here to book online or simply call our office (503) 688-1482.


Learn more about our Amma Therapy Program!

Our next Amma Therapy Program, which starts October 7th, 2015  is currently open for enrollment! Click here to learn more! You’ll be able to read about program, download the student catalogue, watch the short video highlighting our program, and download the application!  And of course, come to clinic – get a first-hand experience for all that Amma has to offer and strike up a conversation with our students!


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