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Since January, we’ve been promoting Amma Therapy Student Clinic because we believe in the benefit of this for students and clients alike. For clients, it’s a great opportunity to experience  Amma Therapy at such a low price point ($35). We love to see so many repeat clients every week who are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

For students, clinic is an essential part of their education. Clinic is where they pull all of their training together in a real-time, practical environment. Each week students complete intakes, make assessments, develop treatment plans, work on clients and provide recommendations tailored to the individual, all under the supervision of their instructors. By the end of their second and final clinic, they have the experience to start treating with confidence.

We just kicked off Amma Therapy Student Clinic II which will run almost weekly (on Wednesdays) through September. We thought you might like to hear directly from students on what clinic is like for them, so we put together a small series of blog posts so you can hear what they have to say. Follow along and feel free to ask questions!

You are nearing the end of the Amma Therapy Program for your group. You have one segment of clinic successfully completed and one more to go. How has clinic complemented your overall educational experience?

“Clinic has complemented my overall experience by being a more real world experience, not just a school setting.”

“…Clinic provides the perfect atmosphere to affirm your competency as a student practitioner, while being guided by the clinic instructors. You continue to lean as a student as you put together your own treatment plan, which is followed up with a quick visit from the clinic supervisor and staff. Being able to ask questions and compere the feedback is invaluable… It really helps to validate how far we’ve come as students.”

“…The great thing about clinic was that each session gave me the opportunity to develop my treatment and put everything into practice. I can’t imagine graduating without the clinic experience.”

As you enter into Clinic II, what has changed for you since the start of Clinic I?

“I feel more confident with people I hadn’t worked on before and feel more comfortable becoming an Amma Therapist.”

“The main thing that has changed for me since Clinic I is  how much more confidence I have as a student practitioner. My level of comfort working with others and addressing what can sometimes be sensitive subjects has grown tremendously. Prior to clinic, I was primarily working on friends and family members, and while that was great, my reach was limited. The more people you see, the more (different) cases you see, and the more experience you get.”

What has been the most interesting or rewarding aspect of clinic, so far?

“Seeing how quickly people respond to Amma and love how they feel even after just one treatment.”

“For me, it is just great to get to interact with the public.  It is extremely rewarding when others allow you to participate in their health, and it is even more rewarding when you are able to get feedback from them or see evidence that you are able to help them make a difference in that journey.”

 “I know that I can do it! No matter if I am tired or sick, it’s ok. Treating is energizing and when I am done, I feel great.”


A recent client gave the following clinic review:

“(Amma Therapy Clinic is in a) bright, cheerful, clean space and friendly staff/students. I felt more relaxed and refreshed at the end of my treatment. I look forward to having (The) Wellspring (School) as part of my healing and maintenance routine.” 

Obviously our students are doing something right! Keep up the great work, AG01 students!


Do you want to learn more about becoming a student in the Amma Therapy Program? Click here to download a catalogue. The next program starts October 7, 2015, and we are actively enrolling now.  Contact us for more information or come to one of our upcoming Open Houses. The next one is Tuesday, June 9th from 5:45-7:00pm.

Don’t hesitate to call our office (503) 688-1482 or send us an email:, if you have any questions.

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