Amma Therapy – From Client to Student to Practitioner

amma therapy


Contributed by Rachael Myles.

I had my very first Amma treatment eight years ago and I can honestly say it changed my life  in ways I never would have imagined.

I found The Wellspring School by “accident” one day walking through my new (Boise) neighborhood. Curious I went inside and there it happened. I met Rylen along with the other school and clinic staff and discovered this thing called Amma Therapy.

Being the Type A personality I was (ok, still am) I quickly booked an appointment to learn more about this modality I’d never heard of. I confess that I had just quit an 80-hour per week, stress filled job in the high tech industry and was definitely due some self care. I loved being the recipient of bodywork, so I figured it would be a win no matter what.

I wasn’t wrong. I left my first treatment totally invigorated and I couldn’t stop saying, “Wow!” The bodywork alone was so much more than any other I had experienced before. Head to toe, front and back, lots of point work (without needles!), all came together to give my stressed out body some TLC in the form of moving my Qi and then some.

My practitioner asked detailed questions about my diet, digestion, supplements, physical activity, stress levels, looked at my tongue and took my pulses. I had never had anyone pull together all of these assessment variables at one time to create such an incredibly focused and individualized experience. This was so much more than any massage I’d ever had. It was phenomenal. I was hooked.

After that first session, I determined that this would be my next career path and I enrolled in the next Amma Therapy program. Yep, it happened very fast for me and I was ready!

As a student, I found the program intense in a positive way. The combination of technique, theory, science, movement and numerous additional topics was a great motivator. I absolutely loved the Chinese Medicine and how that translated through the bodywork and everything else we were studying.

I was challenged to deal with my own issues and pushed to evolve as a human being. This was so much more than school. It was so much more than technique, which for me was a good thing. The theory and foundational work combined was essential in piquing and keeping my interest and the tenet of experiencing firsthand anything I might present later to a client was so unique and real.

I can honestly say that being in the Amma program was transformational. I (happily) graduated a different person and developed great relationships that would impact me in unexpected ways down the road.

When I graduated the program, I was just turning 40 and I had never felt better in my life. This feeling kept going as I started practicing. It was amazing to me how effective I could be in an Amma session with a client. I discovered  what a powerful tool the Chinese Medicine was in working with people to experience more than just a great bodywork session. All of that was very exciting.

Today, my relationship with Amma has evolved into one of those things I never would have imagined. Inspired by the dedication and authentic spirit of Rylen Feeney, I joined The Wellspring School to raise the visibility of Amma Therapy (Wholistic Nutrition and more!) to as many people as possible. So, I am back in business, so to speak, but working on something I truly believe in and feel is essential to keep going.

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