Amma Therapy as Preventative Medicine

Amma Therapy Video

Most people here in the U.S. think to go see a healthcare practitioner only when they have an acute condition. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s a good idea to seek treatment when something specific is wrong. Whether it’s an Amma Therapist or other practitioner, getting relief from acute suffering is important.  Of course, on the Amma Therapy front, we are a bit biased. From common colds to PMS, muscle strains and gastro-intestinal distress, Amma Therapy can provide immensely effective healing treatments.

However, what many people don’t realize is that Chinese Medicine is primarily preventative medicine and modalities like Amma Therapy can be extremely beneficial  when experienced on an ongoing, preventative basis.  Amma Therapy is a powerful tool to help keep you balanced and healthy.

In this short video, Rylen discusses how many peoples’ first experiences with Amma Therapy as a way to heal an acute illness or injury inspires them to seek out more consistent, in-depth preventative care.

There’s plenty of food for thought for aspiring practitioners and anyone new to Amma Therapy packed into those two minutes!


Chinese Medicine is primarily a preventative medicine; it’s meant to be a preventative medicine. But, by and large, Westerners go to acupuncture when it comes to an acute situation, they treat that acute situation, and then it goes away.

Amma is so nourishing – people just love it. Once you get somebody on the table and they get Amma you don’t have to talk anymore about what it is. It gets to become that preventative medicine that Chinese Medicine is supposed to be, and they don’t want to go away. [They’ll ask] Can I keep coming? And yes, of course they can keep coming.

And then you get to work on a lot of their causative factors and their constitutional issues and you really get to have an effect on your clients’ mental, emotional, spiritual aspects as well

Looking forward to starting up our next Amma Therapy Program on September 30th, so that more Portlanders will be able to experience the benefits of Amma Therapy!  Our next Amma Therapy student clinic will be starting in January, so stay tuned!

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