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As part of our enrollment process we field numerous calls and emails, meet with many prospective students and host information sessions for both of our professional certification programs. Obviously, that’s a lot of questions! We thought we’d share the top 5 questions (and answers) we get regarding the Amma Therapy Program.

We are currently accepting applications for our Winter 2016 group. It’s not too late to enroll, make an appointment to come in and talk about the program or attend an our upcoming Amma Info Session on Wednesday, January 6th from 5:30-7:30pm! 

As you check out our top 5 questions below, consider these from us as well:

  • Are you looking for a really rewarding career in the field of wholistic health?
  • Are you interested in a program that pushes you to be your most authentic self and subsequently the best practitioner possible?
  • Are you looking for a modality that’s about more than just bodywork and differentiates you in the very competitive field of bodywork? 
  • Do you want to participate in a program that expects you to constantly challenge yourself on multiple levels? 

Top 5 Amma Therapy Program Questions

1) What is Amma Therapy?

The word “Amma” is the first known Chinese word to describe massage, so it’s not suprising to learn that Amma Therapy is an Asian Bodywork. It is a lineage-based healing art founded in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses the same points and channels in the body as acupuncture. But instead of accessing those points with needles, Amma uses circular, digital pressure to move and manipulate Qi. Amma is a powerful modality that is therapeutic to both the giver and receiver of treatment. As a student, you’ll learn the modality, movement (T’ai Chi and Qigong), wholistic nutrition, herbs and supplementation to provide you with a well-rounded education.

2) How long is the program and when are classes?

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The 1046-hour Amma Therapy program takes a little over 2 years to complete. Classes are broken into six, 15-week segments with breaks between each segment and additional time off given for holidays. Classes for the upcoming Winter 2016 program will be Wednesdays and Saturdays. Class days generally begin at 9:00am and end by 5:30pm.

3) What does the program cost?

Core Tuition for the 1046-hour program is $13,663 ($13.06 per class hour).  This does not include the cost of administrative fees, books, massage table, student liability insurance, etc. A break down of all program expenses can be found on pages 11 & 12 of the student catalogue which can be downloaded from the Amma Therapy Program page on our website.

4) Do you offer financial aid or payment plans?

We are not a FAFSA school, so we do not offer financial aid. However, we do offer payment plans for the core tuition ($13,663). These options are:

1) Pay in full with cash, cashier’s check, or check and receive a 7% discount ($956.41)
2) Pay in full with Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card to receive a 4% discount ($546.52)
3) Pay a deposit ($3416) prior to the program start and 3 subsequent equal payments ($3416) made every 6 months over the subsequent 18 months. No interest.
4) Pay a minimum deposit of $2,000 prior to the program start, then make monthly payments (minimum $300/month). There is no interest the first 12 months. After the first year a 2% interest fee is applied to the remaining balance. Payments are made via auto-withdrawal. Payments can be made up to 12 months post program. Individual amortization schedules are provided for each student. There are no credit checks required for this option. 

We encourage students to talk with us about their financial situation to figure out which scenario will work best for them.

5) What can I do as an Amma Therapist?

As an Amma Therapist, you can enjoy a fulfilling and sustainable career in wholistic health. Amma Therapy is beneficial to both the recipient and giver of treatment, so burn out and injury does not impact Amma Therapists as much as it does many in the field of traditional massage. Amma Therapists have the training to practice for 25+ years, or until they are ready to retire. Our graduates have started their own private practices or joined existing practices, worked along side naturopathic doctors, chiropractic doctors, and acupuncturists. Our students and graduates take pride being an integral part of maintaining the Amma Therapy lineage!

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