Amma Therapy Student Clinic – What It's Really Like…

Entrance to the Wellspring School classroom space

Amma Therapy is still one of the best kept secrets among holistic healthcare modalities here in the U.S. Perhaps you are intrigued by our student clinic and the chance to get some bodywork at a great price, but wondering what to expect. So, we thought we’d share this perspective from Tara Crowne Kelly, a local university student, and U of P capstone intern at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts, who experienced her very first Amma Therapy treatment at clinic a couple of weeks ago.

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Amma Therapy Clinic Experience – by Tara Crowne Kelly

As a university student, I, alongside the rest of my peers, encounter numerous stressors every day. Staying up late, working hard, and playing hard is not a particularly conducive environment to overall health and wellbeing. We focus on our minds a lot, in and out of the classroom — juggling endeavors that will help us land that perfect job or find the right career.

Some people also focus on their bodies by frequenting the gym a couple times a week, others not so much. And, of course, there are varying degrees to which individuals are able to take care of their emotions.

In total however, there is an overall lack of consideration to how the mind and the body are interconnected. It is easy to go through weeks, months or even years, without taking the time to nurture the body – especially as a college student, when finances are tight and time is limited.

My experience at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts’ Amma student clinic was different from any other bodywork I have had in the past (such as chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, or massage). It was easy and accessible. Because students are working on you the price is low, which is great in and of itself. However, the experience was not reflective of that. I walked out of my session instantly feeling better with a sense of fluidity and comfort permeating through my body.

Through Amma I felt as though my whole being was assessed, as opposed to just the musculature system being worked on for example. It seemed to really approach client heath and well-being from a whole perspective, incorporating perceived mental state, relational status, and nutritional health. In the short amount of time I felt that I could fully relax.

Afterwards the suggestions of the student practitioner were supportive, helpful, and accessible. I felt as though my physical being was reset in a positive way.

Overall I left with the understanding that Amma Therapy is an amazing form of bodywork, able to relieve some of the stressors I carry with me every day. The Amma Therapy Student Clinic experience at The Wellspring School was a wonderful way to get to know this healing art.



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