Amma Therapy – What's in a Lineage? Part 2

Lineage Part 2 Corrina

A couple of weeks ago we started a dialogue with Rylen on the meaning of lineage arts. We thought we’d continue the discussion with Corrina Snow, graduate of both the Amma Therapy and Wholistic Nutrition Programs.  Corrina is also currently a teaching assistant in the Amma program. Here’s what she had to say…

What has studying and practicing a lineage healing art form meant to you?

Knowing that I am a part of something that is concentrated and held with great care keeps me inspired in my life and in my practice. This knowledge empowers me on a daily basis to grow and develop as a practitioner. I feel honored to be a part of this lineage, and the responsibility to preserve and educate about the art. I like looking to the past generations for connection and a continuous thread that weaves me to my ancestors—I feel the same way about Amma. In many ways a lineage is like being a part of a family.

How did the lineage inspire your studies as a student and now your professional practice?

I became very inspired by Qi Gong and Taoist meditation, as a way to further develop my Qi, and connect at a deeper level with the essence of Amma. I like to get to the deepest center of things in life, and I am constantly striving to understand more about my own being, as well as a greater universal consciousness. Chinese Medicine can be very cerebral, which is necessary to learn the language. But it is also important to allow one self to listen to medicine of the lineage from a deeper intuitive place. Qi gong and meditation allow me space for this.

It is easy to branch out, to diffuse a practice. There are many paths of continuing education one can take, many classes, many different teachers. But within a lineage, the way to strengthen is to concentrate first, to solidify what is at the core of the practice, before we add anything on, so as not to diffuse the integrity of that practice. I feel most effective when I stay connected to the energy of the lineage, and to feel this concentrated strength as I treat my clients.

What has your experience as a teaching assistant (TA) been like in relation to your practice? 

Being a TA has brought a new layer to my practice. Chinese Medicine is so vast, that some of the deeper concepts are now more available to me, and I can move into a deeper level of treating. Teaching keeps me connected, focused and in-line with the lineage.

Learning to teach Chinese Medicine to students in the Amma program has flowed directly into being better able to explain these concepts to my clients. I have always felt that this knowledge should be more accessible to people-I want my clients to understand at some level the intricacy and subtlety involved in the medicine.

What have been the most rewarding aspects of being a teaching assistant in the program?

I love how each student’s innate natural self is allowed to shine through the practice of Amma. Holding space and being witness to each student’s path through the program brings me both joy and hope. I can see clearly how each student shines, and how they can develop into strong, effective practitioners.


Corrina’s personal practice, Snow Crane Healing Arts is located in North Portland in the Gotham Wellness Building at 2262 N. Albina, Suite 127. Corrina also practices at Heart Spring Health located at 819 SE Morrison Street Suite 115. You can reach her via her website or give her a call (339)222-1685.




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