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Lots of exciting “other things happening at our space” in the next several months.  This guest post is by Nancy Buono, who will be leading two workshops on Bach Flowers at The Wellspring School this spring and fall. Check it out! 

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The program is designed to teach this natural system of stress management and emotional balance. In the US and Canada, the program is organized by Bach Flower Education, Living Enrichment.

A natural system of stress management, the remedies were discovered by a physician named Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930’s.

Dr. Bach was a physician, surgeon, homeopath, bacteriologist and immunologist. In working with his patients, he found that their physical illnesses were exacerbated by their mental and emotional states and so set to discover a system of healing that would be safe and simple, with no side effects. He located 38 flowering plants and trees which balanced specific negative emotions and formulated them into dilute homeopathic mixtures.

This healing system is known as the Bach Flower Remedies and is used in 66 countries worldwide.

Level 2 Advanced Workshop June 28-29, 2014 Portland Oregon at The Wellspring School

Level 2 is a practical interactive workshop which focuses on deepening the understanding of the 38 remedies. You will be guided through the subtle distinctions that can be made between closely related remedies and explore the way the remedies relate to your life goals and basic personality.

Level 2 is a master-class, and provides the tools you need to gain a further understanding of the remedies before working with clients. (12.5 CE hours, NCBTMB)

This course will be taught by Nancy Buono, Director of Education. For further information and enrollment, please visit

Pre-requisite: Level 1

May be taken in Portland April 27-28 (please see or via Web and Homestudy (click here for more information about that option.)

Level 3 Practitioner Training, September 18-21, 2014 Portland Oregon at The Wellspring School

This course provides training for those who wish to use the Bach remedies professionally or incorporate them into an existing health practice. Successful completion of the course allows a student to apply to The Dr Edward Bach Foundation for inclusion in the International Register of Practitioners as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP). Registration is discretionary and governed by a Code of Practice.

Within this program, students develop the skills required of a practitioner, including consultation, listening and questioning skills, while further enhancing the depth of their remedy knowledge. The professional standards for practice are addressed, including the practical aspects of establishing a practice.

This course will be taught by Nancy Buono, Director of Education. For further information and enrollment, please visit

Pre-requisite: Levels 1 and 2

Duration: Three and a half day course followed by six-twelve months of supervised home study. The home study section of the course addresses both theoretical and practical issues, including client case studies. All work is personally assessed throughout the study period. (22 CE hours onsite, 40 CE hours homestudy, NCBTMB)

About Nancy Buono

Nancy Buono is a BFRP, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, as well as an international educator and consultant with over 30 years experience working with clients and the remedies.

As the North American Director for the Bach International Education Program (BIEP), she has written training curriculum for Bach Practitioners and trained Bach teachers worldwide. A mother of five, Nancy is a caring and pragmatic professional.

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  1. arlene johnson on August 10, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Nancy,
    I have taken courses 1 & 2 . Would like to take 3 so I can practice. Do you have any classes in SF bay area for Course 3?

    • thewells_admin on August 10, 2016 at 1:18 pm

      Nancy doesn’t teach for The Wellspring School. She rented space from us to teach the Bach Flower classes a couple of years ago. If you have questions about her courses specifically, I suggest you email her directly at

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