Being Present & Connected to One's Heart: Q&A with Jen Stone

qigong teacher Jen Stone


Movement arts are an integral part of our professional Amma Therapy program (take a look at this short video if you’re curious why), and we love welcoming community members to join in and experience the benefits of the practice when we have the space. This spring Jen Stone, LMT, will be teaching a Qigong class starting April 28.

Jen has been studying Qigong with Ling Gui International Qigong School for seven years.  She currently is completing her final year of the Master Teacher Program. She brings her dedicated Qigong practice into her daily life, Qigong classes, and massage therapy practice. Licensed as a massage therapist since 2002, Jen began integrating Qigong and Qigong Tuina into her massage sessions, which has expanded her work.

For Jen, practicing Qigong brings about a greater sense of contentment, naturalness, and connection to one’s true nature.

Please enjoy the Q&A with her below, and if you can, join her for one, a few, or all of her Qigong classes this spring.

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How did you first get into practicing Qigong?

I was first inspired to learn Qigong after receiving acupuncture from Dr. Roger Batchelor, LAc.  There was a wonderful, unique and indescribable quality in his treatments that was unlike other acupuncture sessions I had experienced.

Later I discovered Roger was an experienced Qigong teacher. Even though Qigong was a new concept to me, I was amazed by it’s depth of healing.

How has the practice of Qigong impacted your life beyond movement?

Qigong has greatly impacted my life in many ways.  I established a daily practice, have feelings of greater contentment, appreciate simple things more, my sense of spirituality deepened, I’m more grounded.

My understanding of health broadened to all aspects of one’s life:  being present and connected to one’s heart, practicing moderation, eating healthy food, choosing activities that nourish oneself, awareness of the whole individual.

Where did you get your training and what motivated you to do so?

I received my training from Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School.  I started with just trying out a weekend workshop and ended up going to every workshop I could thereafter.

I was really curious and eager about feeling the “Qi”.  I had no idea I would  join the training program, which led to new ways to experience and learn about Qi. The teachers at Ling Gui are really exceptional, open-hearted, and genuine.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to experience Qigong for the first time?  Or for someone with an established or experienced practice?

Come take a class and experience how Qigong feels for you. Trying different classes and teachers can be helpful to learn what resonates with you.

Tell us a little about the form Jade Woman?

Jade Woman is a beautiful form that encompasses: flowing movement, mantras, and stillness. It purifies and strengthens the liver, nourishes and circulates the blood, benefits gynecological health, PMS, and balances the emotions.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our Amma students or community at large?

I’m very happy and grateful to share Qigong with the Amma students and community.  Besides nourishing us as individuals, Qigong helps support you as a health care practitioner.


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