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One of the great things about working at a place like The Wellspring School and supporting “Other Happenings in Our Space” is meeting people who practice and teach a wide variety of modalities and wholistic health related topics. Recently I (Rachael) had the opportunity to take a class with one of these folks renting our space, Kat Gibson, who offers weekly sessions in Bioharmonic Sound Meditation Therapy.
It was incredible! For an hour, Kat played her crystal singing bowls, which in and of itself was incredibly relaxing. Afterwards I went home and slept deeply and soundly (something I normally don’t do) and the next day I felt incredibly rejuvenated with a sense of mental clarity I’d been lacking. This is a new favorite of mine for 2018!
Screen Shot 2017 12 29 At 11.27.31 AMI asked Kat to give an overview of the modality and what one can expect in general with Bioharmonic Sound Meditation Therapy. Keep reading for more info!
Sound vibration resonance therapy is one of the most powerful healing modalities of tapping into the healing of the human body. In an ever increasingly busy, and electronically-synched society,  releasing energetic accumulations from environmental and vibrational toxicity on a cellular level is becoming increasingly important in our healing in the body that is held in cellular memory.

One of the fastest ways to create this healing within and release all the environmental toxins is through vibrational frequency therapy. 

Sound vibration resonance therapy is one of the most powerful healing modalities of tapping into healing the body. The seven customized crystal bowls are intentionally created with white light Reiki from the Himalayas in China, and are also chakra tuned specifically made to release energetic accumulations from environmental and electromagnetic vibrational toxicity from electronic devices on a cellular level in the body that is held in the body’s cellular memory.

Since we are in constant awake states in Beta waves, alternating to an Alpha and Theta wave pattern in our brain states induces lucid dreaming, relaxation and healing. A series of prana inducing breathing technique called FENIX (stands for Flowing Energy of Natural InstinctX)  is combined with traditional yogic meditative techniques to induce a meditative trance-like state of ease of access to a flow, bioharmonic state of being. 

Therapy using vibrational frequency aids in our ability to attain conscious awareness with breath, in combination with sound vibrational frequency in a relaxed atmosphere is being scientifically studied at Sofia University. A professor at Harvard studied the effects of meditation on the brain in 2013 and concluded that relaxed meditation produce changes in brain activity. 

Alpha waves induces a sense of no thought, lucid dreaming, and relaxation. Alpha waves governs daydreams, fantasy, and denotes a state of consciousness detached and relaxed.

Theta waves is a state of very deep relaxation, and governs the subconscious mind. This is when we seen mental imagery, creativity and characterizes feelings of inspiration and spirituality.

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Meditating with sound vibrational frequency and breathing can also lower your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, oxygen consumption, adrenaline levels, and levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress according to Dr. Deepak Bhatt (HarvardHealth, 2013). Our Practitioner, Kat Gibson is trained in inducing these meditative states of consciousness through the flow state of combining sound frequency of alpha/theta states with ancient breathing and meditative techniques at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. Many of her students work in the heart of Silicon Valley surrounded by electromagnetic energies and she is blessed to share this wonderful therapy for our students in Portland, OR at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts.

Alternating between our alpha and theta brain states create our own visual field of conscious awareness. For many creative practices in Portland, it is shown to have a positive and uplifting effect for those wishing to create a thriving creative practice. As a healing therapy, it is important to release daily environmental cellular toxicity trapped in the body with bioharmonic sound vibrational frequency therapy.

Benefits of the Bioharmonic Sessions:

*Increased mental clarity

*Restore your body’s natural cycle of cellular elimination

*Relief of physical pain

*Deep, restful sleep 

*Blood pressure Equilibrium

*Alleviation of sorrow/depression

*Overall increase in Vitality and Vibrancy

*Enhance and increase Ki energy

*Release energies that cause tension, blockages, attached toxicity and anxiety in the body

*Deep, meditative state of rest, which help in the repair of tissues and cells, and in releasing stress

*Overall increase in visual creativity, a relaxed state of consciousness, vitality and vibrancy

Kat is also the Director of The Bright Phoenix, an organization dedicated to embracing your highest form of self-expression through authentic connection with your true nature. She is available for sound healing and FENIX coaching sessions online and in social media. She can found on Instagram, Facebook and via email: or scheduling directly at 971. 319. 4294. 

She is currently offering classes at The Wellspring School on several Monday and Thursday evenings in January. For more info or to register, click here.

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