An Evening of Amma Therapy: Experience & Learn

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  Mark your calendars for an exciting event on June 22nd that's ALL ABOUT AMMA!   Thursday, June 22 from 5:30-7:30pm Bring your friends, bring your family... most importantly: bring your CURIOSITY for this incredibly unique lineage based form of bodywork! You will meet our instructors, program directors, students and local Amma Therapy practitioners who can answer any questions you have about the field, our [.....]

Complementary Techniques with Michael Guida

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Michael Guida will be teaching the upcoming Complementary Techniques class series starting in June, where students have the opportunity to learn Fire Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Auricular Therapy (ear seeds), TDP Lamp, Topicals & Liniments! This class is a requirement for all of our Amma Therapy Program students, but is also open to licensed practitioners and students enrolled in other licensing programs. We [.....]

Checking in with Wholistic Nutrition Program Graduates

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Graduates of The Wellspring School's Wholistic Nutrition Program have gone on to achieve some really great success!  We wanted to showcase some of our graduates, and their business success, because they continue to amaze and inspire us! If you are interested in becoming a Wholistic Nutritionist, this is your LAST CHANCE to join our final Wholistic Nutrition Program group that started in March. Students must attend the [.....]

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Class Calendar

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