Staying Cool in the Kitchen with The Wellspring School

It's summer and temperatures will likely stay in the upper 80's and low 90's for the next couple of weeks. For most of us, especially those of us hearty Portlanders without A/C, that means staying out of the kitchen or at least away from the oven for as long as possible! In line with the summer season, we made a couple of delicious salads at our last Cooking Lab that were very easy and delicious. We thought we'd share [.....]

What’s Cooking with The Wellspring School?

What's cooking? Well, let's see. How about Smokey Mexican Tempeh or Pork Carnitas, or Chard & Spinach Salad with Miso Lime & Cumin Dressing finished with a Cinnamon Coconut Panna Cotta (vegan & non-vegan) to name a few dishes our Whole Foods Cooking Lab I participants can expect to make (and eat!) in Saturday, July 15th's class. One of our goals with the cooking labs is to get everyone together in the kitchen [.....]

A Chinese Medicine Practitioner’s Perspective on Western Herbs

Contributed by Rachael Myles Rylen and I recently ventured north to Seattle for a couple of days of R&R (get it?). We took the train, which gave us lots of time to catch up on life and a little work. During the return trip, we had a conversation about herbs, as this is an area that has been near and dear to Rylen for almost three decades. It was impossible not to get caught up in Rylen’s overall enthusiasm for [.....]