BUMBLE: Spring Emporium & Plant Sale

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We love being involved with the cool things our alumni are doing! One of our Wholistic Nutrition Program alumni, Kelsey Crawford-McIntosh, was inspired to put together the upcoming event, BUMBLE: Spring Emporium & Plant Sale under the umbrella of her business – Go Forth Culture. The FREE event will be held at The Wellspring School on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 from 10am-2pm. We are more than happy to donate our space for this, as is acts as a fundraiser for an important cause. All donations made during the event will proceed the Xerces Society, an international non-profit protecting wildlife through the conservation of our pollinators and their habitat! Bumble, here we come!


We asked Kelsey to tell us more about her inspiration for the event, the different vendors participating, and what attendees can expect to see.

Q: You (Go Forth Culture) are presenting the upcoming FREE event (Bumble: Spring Emporium & Plant Sale) at The Wellspring School. What was your inspiration for putting this event together?

A: I was feeling inspired by the season of Spring itself! I wanted to bring together folks in the community for some inspiration and activity after the hibernation of our long winter this year. While I was in my garden separating plants and getting ready to sew seeds, I realized that I had an abundance of strawberry starts (plants) and I wanted to share them! I walked around for a week or so thinking on a name for the event, and then I heard an interesting report on KBOO radio about pollinator habitat in the Maritime Northwest, and I knew the event had to incorporate this important issue.

Q: The event seems to have a lot to do with plants, gardens, nature, Spring… where do all of these things fit into the wholistic health spectrum for you?

A: I became a Certified Wholistic Nutritionist through The Wellspring School. To me, wholistic health is all encompassing. It incorporates every aspect of our lives, and in order to do that without over thinking it, you have to feel inspired by that which surrounds you. Spending time in nature has always been extremely important to me. My happiest moments in life involve nature. I believe we are stewards of the land.  And honestly, you won’t find me getting involved in projects if they don’t in some way, shape, or form lift up the community and offer awareness and a call-to-action on environmental issues.

Q: As a Wholistic Nutritionist, and as part of Go Forth Culture, how do events like BUMBLE align with your practice philosophy?

A: Events such as BUMBLE celebrate the elements I love most about this life: creativity, community, education, nature & food. It also highlights why I chose the name I did for my business (Go Forth Culture) – respect and appreciation for diversity in our world. It may sound funny at first, but I believe that everything in nature is a mirror of us. Biodiversity & cultural diversity. As a Wholistic Nutritionist, I practice active listening and understanding, and I do the same in my relationship to nature.

Q: Who would you like to see attend the event? 

A: I hope to meet many new people! I’m a bit of a social butterfly, so this is right up my alley! It would be great to connect with the local community garden scene. I also hope it will be an opportunity for attendees to learn something new about Portland. And I would love to see people walking or biking to the event!

Q: What’s next? Do you envision future events like BUMBLE? Why do you think events like these are important to the community?

A: I do! I would love to see BUMBLE become a seasonal event. I think it has the potential to be a great resource for understanding seasonal gardening. Our community is always growing and evolving-year after year, so I think it’s important to come together on a regular basis, check in & keep each other inspired! As for what is next for me, I’ve always wanted to put on a farm to table dinner with live music! Maybe a project for the late summer harvest… we shall see!


There are some amazing vendors participating in BUMBLE! Every vendor is local, and has an Earth & community friendly ethos. We’ll have everything from Peruvian fusion cuisine, to fermentation kits and booklets, seed conservation and exchange, a station to ask a professional gardener any plant questions you might have, Mexican handcrafted textiles, Amma therapists offering mini-treatments, and of course… lots of plants for sale!




Alma y Manos (Soul & Hands) is a platform to promote and preserve authentic handmade Mexican textiles and its sacred traditions and techniques.  They work directly with artisans to create small collections with rotating inventory. They practice fair trade with all of their artisans and collaborate to make unique, handcrafted and sustainably made timeless pieces. Inventory includes original, curated pieces and recycled textiles made into accessories and home decor.                   




Going Stag offers large and small scale intricate wooden housewares, wall art and custom accents. “While traveling I found beauty in places that were forgotten and decaying. Just like those buildings, I find more beauty in the wood that has been forgotten or no longer needed.” 

Blue Mars Dry Goods: offering vintage and handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Ask a Gardner: garden questions answered by an expert gardener of over 35 years!                  

Katy McQuinn: Katy McQuinn is an organizer and houseplant consultant, devoted to helping people and plants thrive in their habitats. Visit her BUMBLE table for houseplant starts rooted in upcycled containers, simple plant hangers, pragmatic houseplant advice, and free puns!


Barb Burwell


Barb Burwell: Discover how to make different cultured and fermented foods through classes offered by Barb Burwell Wholistic Nutrition Program alum.  At BUMBLE she’ll have booklets and kits available to help you with what’s needed to get you started making your own delicious batches at home. Samples will be available to taste, too! 


Essance Skincare


Essance Skin CareBotanical infused organic skincare. Handmade, small-batch products. These products are made with the SOD antioxidant produced from extracts of Organic Rooibos Tea, Chaga Mushroom and Organic Sea Bucktorn Oil. The SOD antioxidant is an enzyme that help to repair cells and reduces the damage from free radicals and strengthen skin building cells. 

KichanaPeruvian fusion cuisine. Dietary restriction friendly!        


Portland Seedhouse


Portland SeedhouseA diverse seed bank of culturally significant varieties of edible plants with remarkable flavors & stories. 


Vendor info thus far: 7


The Far Woods“Sonya and Nina run a small creative studio on a little farm just outside Portland, making artworks that reflect their deepest desires about the world and hopefully serve as educational tools and inspiration for reconnection to nature, food, and one another.  They seek to contribute to a great Culture Shift in which there is a land ethic, a reverence for nature, a rejection of the dominant throw-away mentality, and direct connection/understanding to where the things we use come from.”       

Fire BrewPremium apple cider vinegar-based health tonics and immune boosters, created by one of The Wellspring School’s Wholistic Nutrition Program alumni, Valerie Roth-Shafer! 

Portland Ashwaganda FarmOrganically cultivated and hand processed biodynamically grown Ashwaganda.

Go Forth CulturePlants, plants and more plants!

Amma Therapists:

Receive a mini Amma treatment, and learn more about this unique modality (and The Wellspring School in general)!

John Mermin is an Amma Therapist who brings to his practice a distinctly calm, optimistic and grounded energy. Through bodywork, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, John inspires clients to take the steps necessary to achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Carly Rice – Carly has a natural intuitive ability of tuning into the emotional and energetic aspects of discomfort and disease. She is trained in alternative techniques such as moxibustion, gua sha and cupping, as well as Swedish, Reiki and CranioSacral techniques. She also incorporates herbal and nutritional counseling and food energetics into her Amma practice, to bring about a complete holistic approach.

What a day this promises to be! We hope to see you there!

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