Caring for Cancer – A Wholistic Approach

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Cancer doesn’t just affect the physical body, it has the potential to transform your whole being – your body, mind, spirit, and relationships with your community.

If you are living with cancer or supporting someone who is, either in your capacity as a professional care provider or in a personal relationship, we’d love to have you join us for our weekend workshop “Caring for Cancer” on October 26 & 27.

Rylen Feeney and Michael Guida have more than 40 years of combined experience treating cancer patients and this workshop beautifully reflects their empowering, down-to-earth, and truly wholistic approach.

“A better, more energetic, and happier life.”

Here is what one patient wrote about his experience working with Rylen:

“My health was at a repetitive low ebb and flow of seeming minor-recovery followed by dramatic-decline. This went on for several months. Life was wearing and difficult. I was given a gift certificate for a session of Amma Therapy with Rylen. At the end of that first Amma-treatment, I felt better than I had in a year; and with much more energy. I followed the diet and supplement regime and continued the therapy, to this very day. I never had another setback in my recovery-process dating to that first session.

I am now quite healthy; many who witnessed the worst part of my treatment and recovery are constantly amazed. […] Nothing guarantees survival of a bout with cancer or other disease; but having a better, more energetic and happier life regardless of the outcome is significant.”

Workshop content

Over the course of two full days, Rylen and Michael will lead you to discover how you can preserve and restore quality of life through a wide range of complementing modalities and tools, both during and after cancer. Each one has its own depth and facets. For example, when it comes to nutrition and supplements, you will not only talk about what to eat, but also how to adjust to a changed palate and appetite.

Adding to your toolkit, you will learn a qigong sequence to ground yourself or share with the person for whom you care, and a simple massage protocol that works with acupressure points. (No massage training required – even unskilled touch is healing when done with love.)

The workshop will also cover the important roles of communication, advocacy, and community.

Because of the wealth of information packed into this one weekend, we don’t recommend the workshop for someone who is in the thick of it, who has maybe just received the diagnosis or begun chemotherapy. It may just be overwhelming at that point. If you are in this situation, we suggest you send someone on your behalf, so they have the wisdom and tools ready to support you when you are through it.

There is a lot of potential for healing in complementary and alternative medicine, for all levels of your being.

Reserve your spot.

To reserve your spot, please visit our Classes page, email us at, or call 503-688-1482. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

p.s.: This workshop is eligible for 14 CEUs/PDAs.


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