Wnp Alumni Spotlight

WNP Alumni Spotlight – Sarah Lax

We recently checked in with Sarah Lax, Wholistic Nutrition Program graduate (WNP3: May 2015). She’s launching a new practice and we are very excited to help get the word out! We asked Sarah if she’d share some of the details of her professional journey since graduating from The Wellspring School. Check out the
following Q&A to see what she’s been up to.

Q: What have you been up to since graduating from our Wholistic Nutrition Program?


Amma Therapy Program Alumna (AG01) – What are they up to?

It’s been almost a year since Portland Amma Therapy Program Group One (AG01) students graduated, so we thought we’d check in to see what each has been up to. Wow! It’s amazing all they’ve managed to achieve in such a short time. We are thrilled to see how active they are on the practice front and are very proud of all of them!

Here’s a snapshot of what these busy ladies have been up to and how they are currently sharing Amma Therapy with their respective communities.

Nicole Hedlund

Amma Therapy Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Hedlund

 We love hearing about all of the exciting ways our Amma Therapy Program graduates are utilizing their education!
This week we sat down with Nicole Hedlund, AG01 program grad, to talk about becoming licensed, starting a practice, continuing her education and supporting the lineage in her role of Teaching Assistant. Busy lady!
Read on for her answers to some common questions our Amma Therapy Program graduates encounter.  
Q: What have you been up to since graduating in November (2015)? 

Angela Gustafson Featured Image

WNP Alumni Spotlight: Angela Gustafson

We love checking in with our Wholistic Nutrition Program graduates to see what exciting things they are up to!

This week talked with Angela Gustafson, who launched her practice, Pickled Beet: Healthy – Whole – Nutrition this year.  


Q: Tell us about Pickled Beet and where we can find you. 

A: My practice is called Pickled Beet and you can find more information at my website,  

Amma Grads Blog Post

Amma Grads – What are they up to now?

Our Amma Therapy Program Graduates have been working hard since their Graduation ceremony in November, 2015. They’ve studied, taken, and passed the MBLEX and are Licensed Massage Therapists in the state of Oregon! We’re proud of their hard work and wanted to catch up with them to see what the future holds!

Erin Benadik has launched her own practice: Spirit Dragon Healing Arts. Erin practices in a space at Vitalia Health 3769 SE Milwaukie Blvd.

Featured Image Frankie Leigh

Alum Spotlight: Frankie Leigh Niwott

You graduated from the program in September 2014, how have you been applying your Wholistic Nutrition knowledge since then?

In June of 2015, I was asked to join Watershed Wellness, a holistic health center in SE Portland. This environment has given me the opportunity to work alongside like minded folks and fill their need for a specialized nutritional therapist. My practice has been growing slow and steady, giving me time to recognize daily the unique qualities of my clients and develop a comprehensive approach to help nourish their lives.

Alum Spotlight Jen Labrecque Featured Image B

Alum Spotlight: Jen Labrecque

We’re excited to have a new group of Wholistic Nutrition Program students starting classes next weekend (February 27th & 28th). We will be kicking the weekend off at New Student Orientation on Friday, February 26th. If you are interested in joining the program it’s not too late! Contact us ASAP if you’re interested and we’ll help you get the enrollment process rolling! (info@thewellspring.org or 530.688.1482)

As we enroll students for new programs,


Alum Spotlight: Michelle Ditter

Not only did we graduate a wonderful bunch of Amma Therapy students on Friday, November 13th, we also had the chance to catch up with one of our alum, Michelle Ditter, who graduated from the program in Boise more than a decade ago. It was great to see Michelle and we were thrilled to have her speak to the graduating group. She shared lots of great insights and inspiration. Our students enjoyed hearing from her,

Alum Spotlight Valerie Roth Schafer Featured Image

Alum Spotlight with Valerie Roth Schafer

This week’s alum spotlight is with Valerie Roth-Schafer, recent graduate of the Wholistic Nutrition Program. As always, we love hearing from our graduates about all of the great things they are doing.  Have you heard about Fire Brew? It’s an incredible tonic great for immunity and overall health. Valerie has been very busy developing her own line of Fire Brew and more. Read on to learn more about Valerie’s adventures since graduating! 

Alum Spotlight Rama Feature Image

Back to School! Alum Spotlight with Rama Pfeiffer

….and cue Fall! This week ushered in the start of September, cooler temps, some much needed rain and back to school for many here in the Portland Metro area and beyond. Back to school means many things – getting back into routines, an increase in organized activities, taking classes, and preparing for shorter days to come. Back to school also brings to mind things like family meal planning and school lunches, a topic that can be a challenge for busy families.

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