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What's Cooking with The Wellspring School?

What’s cooking? Well, let’s see.

How about Smokey Mexican Tempeh or Pork Carnitas, or Chard & Spinach Salad with Miso Lime & Cumin Dressing finished with a Cinnamon Coconut Panna Cotta (vegan & non-vegan) to name a few dishes our Whole Foods Cooking Lab I participants can expect to make (and eat!) in Saturday, July 15th’s class.

One of our goals with the cooking labs is to get everyone together in the kitchen to prepare foods and learn firsthand some of the challenges people face when it comes to cooking.


A Chinese Medicine Practitioner's Perspective on Western Herbs

Contributed by Rachael Myles

Rylen and I recently ventured north to Seattle for a couple of days of R&R (get it?). We took the train, which gave us lots of time to catch up on life and a little work. During the return trip, we had a conversation about herbs, as this is an area that has been near and dear to Rylen for almost three decades.

It was impossible not to get caught up in Rylen’s overall enthusiasm for the subject of herbs.

August 26 & 27

Nutrition for Disordered Eating Across the Spectrum

We are thrilled to welcome back Elizabeth Saviteer, coming back in August to teach the class, Nutrition for Disordered Eating Across the Spectrum.

In this class workshop, students will learn about specific interventions, phraseology and counseling techniques for building trust, motivation and hope in your clients dealing with eating disorders. The workshop will also provide tools for treatment planning, nutrition interventions, how and when to use nutrition education with clients,

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The Client Relationship: An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

We are so excited to have Dana Sturtevant back at The Wellspring School teaching the upcoming class focused on the Client Relationship – an Introduction to Motivational Interviewing!

Saturday, July 29th, 2017   |   9:00am – 5:30pm   |   $175 (discounts available)   |   Eligible for 7 CEU hours


Who would benefit from this workshop?

This training is great for all types of professionals who are in the role of counseling clients/patients to make and sustain healthy behavior changes.

Classes start July 15th! Take one or take them all!

Wholistic Nutrition & Cooking Class Series – Starts July 15th!

Enjoy a hands on approach cooking in the kitchen and lively class time exploring the basics and beyond of Wholistic Nutrition in just four class weekends!

For the past ten years we have offered a professional certification program in Wholistic Nutrition. This program combines the tenets of Chinese Medicine and Energetics of nutrition with cutting edge whole foods based wholistic nutrition principles. Students have historically loved both the cooking classes (taught by various chefs over the years), 

Michelle Read FI

Instructor Spotlight – Michelle Read

We have some really great teachers in our Amma Therapy program! Michelle Read, LMT will be instructing the upcoming Additional Techniques – Swedish class!

We asked Michelle a few questions about her experience teaching at The Wellspring School, and about bodywork in general. Here is what she had to say:

Q: What do you enjoy about teaching in the Amma program?

“I am so grateful to The Wellspring School for giving me the opportunity to teach the Swedish massage class again.

An Evening 2

An Evening of Amma Therapy: Experience & Learn


Mark your calendars for an
exciting event on June 22nd that’s


Thursday, June 22 from 5:30-7:30pm

Bring your friends, bring your family… most importantly: bring your CURIOSITY for this incredibly unique lineage based form of bodywork! You will meet our instructors, program directors, students and local Amma Therapy practitioners who can answer any questions you have about the field,

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New Instructor Spotlight: Erin Brockmeyer

Welcome new instructor, Erin Brockmeyer, LAc! 

We are excited to welcome Erin Brockmeyer to the instructor team at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. Erin has been immersed in the world of alternative medicine since she was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. She believes in the power of natural medicine and the importance of a holistic view of the body. Erin is also a firm believer in the ability of natural medicine to compliment allopathic medicine.

Adrenals & Stress

Adrenals & Stress – A Functional Medicine Approach

We are excited to welcome visiting instructor, Dr. Miles Nichols, to The Wellspring School! He will be teaching the workshop called Stress, Fatigue & Adrenal Hormones: A Functional Medicine & Mindful Approach on June 4th. Dr. Nichols is a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and an expert in Functional Medicine and Mindfulness – as it applies to medicine. He specializes in addressing the root causes (both body AND mind) of chronic illness and establishing preventive practices to help people achieve robust health,

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BUMBLE: Spring Emporium & Plant Sale

We love being involved with the cool things our alumni are doing! One of our Wholistic Nutrition Program alumni, Kelsey Crawford-McIntosh, was inspired to put together the upcoming event, BUMBLE: Spring Emporium & Plant Sale under the umbrella of her business – Go Forth Culture. The FREE event will be held at The Wellspring School on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 from 10am-2pm. We are more than happy to donate our space for this,

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