Quieting the Mind: A Journey of Meditation & Breath

Each week we will approach this topic a little differently. Some weeks we will explore our breath using various mindful breathing exercises. Other weeks we will guide you through progressive relaxation, guided imagery and meditation, or sometimes a combination of several techniques. What we guarantee is that at the end of each class you will leave feeling great and at ease discovering tools you can use in life to help navigate through each day.

Introduction to Wholistic Nutrition

This seven-week class is enthusiastic and interactive.  Rylen will focus on helping participants gain an understanding of the importance of nutrition’s fundamental role a person’s health and quality of life.

Topics include:

Food fads and various dietary philosophies

Importance of whole, local, organic and seasonal foods

Chinese Medicine energetic qualities of foods and how they affect the body

Healthy fats & healthy carbohydrates

Creating a truly moderate diet for your individual needs

Problems with toxic highly refined foods  & 

Food and The Treatment of Disharmony

This class is designed for those with a background it Chinese Medicine. We will go thorough all the primary zang/fu patterns and discuss the appropriate nutritional considerations that apply to each pattern. We start with a recap of an energetically sound preventative (Spleen friendly) diet and then move into remedial diets based on Chinese Medicine patterns of disharmony. Rylen focuses on useable, approachable remedies and dietary advice, rather than traditional Chinese herbs and foods. This class is packed full of dietary wisdom applicable for the western client.

Chinese Diagnosis for Wholistic Nutrition

Learn basic 5-element constitutional analysis and tongue and pulse diagnosis to help determine what is primary or relevant in a person’s health pattern and to individualize your recommendations for nutrition and treatment. Rylen studied classic 5-element theory with Lonny Jarrett and uses Shen/Hammer Pulse diagnosis.

Required for current Wellspring School Wholistic Nutrition Students, open to all Wellspring School Alumni, and Acupuncturists and Asian Bodywork therapist (with TCM theory foundations).

Cost: $285
Eligible for CEU/PDA credit: 15 hours

Eat to Live I

Over our lifetime our bodies grow and change. Rising to meet the challenges it faces requires different nutritional needs.
In this class the instructor will present appropriate healthy eating and nutrient requirements during common life cycles, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, children, teens, and seniors. Additionally the class will cover special dietary considerations for enhancing libido and fertility. The class also explores sustaining nutritional options for athletes, vegetarians, gluten-free, and vegan individuals. This class looks at food and nutrition from both a holistic Western approach as well as a Chinese Medicine energetic perspective.

Wholistic Nutrition Student Clinic (Boise)

Interested in learning more about how nutrition can play a vital role in your overall health? Want some tips on how to improve your nutrition based on your own individual needs? Sign up for a comprehensive nutritional assessment from one of our soon-to-graduate wholistic nutrition students in Boise at a price you can’t beat! Sessions are conducted in a fully supervised clinic setting.

Location: The Wellspring School: 723 N. 15th Street,

Wholistic Nutrition I & II

This two-weekend course explores nutrition’s intrinsic role in the health of our bodies, our life and community. Students learn guiding principles of wholistic health & nutrition. We will look at how to understand food and nutrition as more than its “nutrient components” i.e. carbs, fats & proteins. Time will be spent honing our skills to look beyond “diets” and nutritional “fads” and how to discriminate between healthy sound and unsound eating concepts.


Portland Community Classes

We are pleased to be able to offer ongoing community classes in Portland. We hope you will make it a part of your New Year’s resolution to join us. The idea of these classes is to bring together great local practitioners from various backgrounds, modalities and expertise to provide community members with access to incredible classes at reasonable prices.

Mondays: start at 6:00PM.

Daily Dose II

Join us for a weekend exploration of some of today’s most important and effective supplements, western herbs and amino acids for maintaining health and treating common ailments and conditions. This class is designed to prepare the wholistic nutrition practitioner to integrate the safe and scientifically based use of herbs and supplements into their practice but is open to any health practitioner or community member wishing to know more about current and important supplements &

Whole Foods Cooking II

Do you want to take a fun, hands-on whole foods based cooking class that gives you the opportunity to learn real cooking techniques, menu planning and how to make tasty substitutions for those with dietary restrictions? Are you curious about what spices can be used to enhance the overall health benefits and flavors of various dishes? Are you interested in fermentation? Have you ever made amasaki or sauerkraut? Looking for some delicious yet affordable recipes for meats and veggies?

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