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Complementary Techniques with Michael Guida

Michael Guida will be teaching the upcoming Complementary Techniques class series starting in June, where students have the opportunity to learn Fire Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Auricular Therapy (ear seeds), TDP Lamp, Topicals & Liniments! This class is a requirement for all of our Amma Therapy Program students, but is also open to licensed practitioners and students enrolled in other licensing programs.

We asked Michael to tell us about the class. Here is what he had to say: 

Embedded in our Amma Therapy Program is a class where students get a primer on additional techniques (Fire Cupping,

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New Instructor Highlight: Welcome Dr. Tal Cohen

One of the best things about our programs is that we get to meet a number of  fantastic wholistic healthcare practitioners who also (fortunately for us!) love to teach. It is so meaningful for students to have instructors who also have/have had a strong practice, as they know firsthand where our students are headed. They are able to share stories from their own experiences and bring (real) life to the material they are covering.

With that said,

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Instructor Spotlight with Polly Maliongas

One of our talented Qigong instructors, Polly Maliongas, will be offering a class in January: Qigong Hulu Gong. Our Amma Therapy Program students will be practicing the form with her, but the class is open to the public as well! Check out our classes page to see more info on our ongoing movement classes.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Polly, to learn more about Qigong and her practice. Read what she had to say here!

T'aiChi MPG

T'ai Chi with Michael Guida

Movement is an integral part of holistic well-being and a focal point of study at The Wellspring School. In the Amma Therapy Program, students take movement classes in every segment as part of their course of study. These classes are also open to public attendees and we really enjoy hosting classes that bring our community together.

We are very fortunate to have such great instructors for Qigong and T’ai Chi classes.

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Catching up with Bari, WNP Instructor

We always love to hear from our instructors, whether they’ve just started teaching classes or have worked with us for several years. They bring their own insights to each of the programs and classes which is invaluable in showcasing the wide spectrum of experience and opinions that are present in the realm of holistic health. We recently caught up with Bari Mandelbaum, Wholistic Nutrition instructor. Bari has been teaching in the Wholistic Nutrition Program for the past six years,

qigong teacher Jen Stone

Being Present & Connected to One's Heart: Q&A with Jen Stone

Movement arts are an integral part of our professional Amma Therapy program (take a look at this short video if you’re curious why), and we love welcoming community members to join in and experience the benefits of the practice when we have the space. This spring Jen Stone, LMT, will be teaching a Qigong class starting April 28.

Jen has been studying Qigong with Ling Gui International Qigong School for seven years. 

Passionate Nutrition Feature

Passionate Nutrition – You Betcha!

There are so many great books out regarding nutrition. It can be difficult to choose which ones to read. With that said, we were really excited to see friend of The Wellspring School, Jennifer Adler, publish her book, Passionate Nutrition, at the end of 2014.

We were really fortunate to work with Jennifer Adler in the early phases of our Wholistic Nutrition Program.

Wendy Knight

"I just felt there was so much more I could offer." – Q&A with Wendy Knight, DC

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Wendy Knight, DC, to our faculty here at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts – and we think you’ll be inspired by her professional journey, too. Please enjoy this conversation with her, and stay tuned for more information about Wendy’s classes!

How did you first become interested in exercise and sports medicine? Were you an athlete yourself growing up?

I began participating in sports at a very young age.

Ed Feature

Q&A with Elizabeth Saviteer

This fall, we are thrilled to bring Elizabeth Saviteer, MS, CN, LMHCA, to Portland for a unique workshop on an important topic, disordered eating across the spectrum. To give you a preview of the content and approach, we asked Elizabeth Saviteer a few questions that might be on your mind as well. We we were impressed by the insight, wisdom, and expertise she has shared.

Enjoy, and please don’t wait to register for her workshop if is one you are interested in taking!

Faye Schenkman

A Living & Loving Tribute to Faye Schenkman


“As for the word ‘ripples’, I cannot think of a more appropriate metaphor to express Faye’s impact on the world. She humbly drops her pebbles — her guidance, her knowledge, her wisdom — and their impact spreads untold distances. Who can know how many have been touched through her writing, teaching, healing, and being?” Dr. Janice Stefanacci Seward , Psy.D., M.C.A.T.

Special People

We meet many people in life that shape us in some way.  

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