Checking in with Wholistic Nutrition Program Graduates

Go Wnp Grads

Graduates of The Wellspring School’s Wholistic Nutrition Program have gone on to achieve some really great success!  We wanted to showcase some of our graduates, and their business success, because they continue to amaze and inspire us!

If you are interested in becoming a Wholistic Nutritionist, this is your LAST CHANCE to join our final Wholistic Nutrition Program group that started in March. Students must attend the third class weekend (Western Nutrition I) which will occur Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14th.

If you are interested in joining this program group, contact Jacki Richer in the office ( or call 503.688.1482 by Friday, May 12th at 1pm to register for Western Nutrition I. 


Below is what some of our Wholistic Nutrition Program Grads have been up to! 

Kelsey Crawford, of Go Forth Culture, recently hosted a beautiful event at The Wellspring School to raise money and awareness for the pollinators of the Pacific Northwest. The event was called BUMBLE: Spring Emporium & Plant Sale. This free community event brought together local vendors to showcase the garden, wellness food and Portland’s creative scene. Check out Kelsey’s website for amazing recipes and articles, or to schedule a wholistic nutritionist appointment or pantry rejuvenation! Kelsey’s passion for diversity and multicultural appreciation through the expression of art and cuisine was what ignited her educational pursuit in the nutrition field, and we are so glad that she found The Wellspring School!



Valerie Roth-Schafer has always loved coming up with unique and interesting food ideas. Fire Brew is the culmination of years of fiddling, testing and experimenting in the kitchen. When she became a Wholistic Nutritionist she found her opportunity to blend her love of healthy eating with wholesome food products aimed to heal and restore. Fire Brew is an apple cider vinegar-based health tonic, and is available locally in Portland, Oregon,  Eugene, Oregon, a handful of locations in Northern California, and on their website! Sample all of the great flavors the next time you see them at your favorite Portland Farmers Market! (Note – This is a picture of one of the folks working with Valerie, who was also at the recent Bumble event.)



Barb Burwell started Haven Wellness as a way to reach her clients. Her focus is to help clients negotiate nutritional transformation by showing them how to make healthy lifestyle changes and take charge of their life! She offers individual wellness coaching and nutritional counseling, in-home cooking classes and meal planning. Her personal approach employs ideas that making good food choices can empower people and help them to take charge of their health, and through self-care, they can connect to themselves, their families and the community and be an example of how to be healthy at every age and size. Barb was at the recent BUMBLE event teaching attendees about fermentation!



Angela Gustafson has created Pickled Beet – that will get you excited about getting healthy! She offers recipes, articles, blogs, tips & tricks on ways to make healthy food more approachable. Thru Angela’s health coaching, knowledge and advice, people are learning about mindful eating, and that one diet does not fit all! She will teach you how to choose foods that nourish your body, mind, and soul, giving you the best nutritional value, that make you feel great, and taste amazing! She has an upcoming class.



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