Chen Style T'ai Chi Chuan – Weekend Workshop (Boise)

This weekend workshop will be devoted to learning the 19-movement form of Chen T’ai Chi in its entirety. This is a simplified form developed by grandmaster Chen Xiaowang to serve as a powerful introduction to the ancient Chen style T’ai Chi Chuan. Chen style is characterized by spiral movements and combines soft, energetic flow with sharp explosive power.

Troy Lentell has been a student of Bill Helm’s for 6 years. Troy has also traveled to the Chen Village in China several times over the past few years and trained extensively with the current generation Chen family masters.  Troy has been leading weekly Tai Chi classes at The Wellspring School for the past 6 years and is an incredibly focused and dedicated instructor.

Students should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that they can move easily in. An hour will be given to students each day for lunch. During the course of the weekend, students will have the opportunity to learn each movement of the form and put it together to repeatedly practice in its entirety. This class is appropriate for beginners as well as those who’ve studied the form and want a refresher. Handouts will be provided to students.

Please contact the school office with any questions at 208.388.0206. Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

CEU/PDA Hours: 14

Cost: General Public: $225. Current Students and Alumni: $175

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