Chinese Diagnosis

As part of the Wholistic Nutrition Program this class provides students with a foundation for Chinese diagnosis relevant to their practice of wholistic nutrition. This class is also open to health practitioners and public members curious about the world of Chinese Diagnosis.  Participants will get a snapshot of Eight Principles, Four Methods, 5-Element diagnosis differentiation and basic Tongue and Pulse diagnosis with emphasis on the benefits of enriching nutritional knowledge.  Ample class time will be spent practicing and engaged in Q&A.

WSHA Amma Alumni: This is an excellent opportunity for those of you who graduated prior to Group 10 to get more on 5-Element diagnostic theory that you didn’t cover the first time around.

Cost: $275 for weekend

WSHA Alumni Discount: $75 off class price ($200)

WSHA WNP Graduates Class Re-take: ½ off class price ($137.50)

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