Ear Seeds And Topical Applications


9:00am - 1:00pm


Eligible for 4 CEU hours

Ear Seeds (aka Auriculotherapy) & Topical Applications – The ear is a microcosm of the entire body, meaning that every organ and structure in the body can be influenced with stimulating points on the ear. We will go over different mapping designations of the ear and then practice how to treat the body by stimulating these points with a special probe and the use of  tiny vaccaria seeds (about the size of poppy seeds).  This is a great way to extend the effects of your treatment, the seed may be worn for several days and provide long lasting and effective treatment as the client can stimulate the seed(s) themselves.

In addition this class will go over:

Topicals – We will go over several topicals including liniments, oils, plasters, that help with aches and pains, burns, wound care, skin integrity, rashes, as well as aromatics that help with opening the sinuses and lungs.

TDP Lamp – is a far infrared lamp with a special clay mineral plate. We will briefly cover its uses and applications so that you may add it as an adjunctive tool to your practice. In addition to it’s healing effects, client’s LOVE it, especially if they tend to be cold on your treatment table.

* This class is hands-on and the participants will be practicing on each other. Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.

* You need to be a licensed practitioner (massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc) or currently enrolled in a licensing program to take this class.

This Ear Seeds & Topical Applications class is part of a series that you can take individually or together. The classes in the series are: a. Fire Cupping, b. Moxibustion, c. Gua Sha, and d. Auricular Therapy (ear seeds) and the use of the TDP lamp, and Topicals & Liniments.


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