Feldenkrais Ive Fallen


1:30pm - 4:30pm


If you have ever tripped, stumbled or fallen down, you might be familiar with the surge of feelings of disorientation, helplessness and even self-deprecation – never mind the possibility of physical injury! These feelings interfere with our decisions about how to get up. In this workshop you will learn great ways to use your body to safely recover from having fallen – especially when no one is available to assist you in getting up. We will combine the mechanics of skeletal rolling, Dr. Feldenkrais’ notion of “unstable balance” and a little fun “fancy footwork” to assist you in recovering from falling. Feeling empowered is a good feeling!

Wear comfortable, clothing you can move easily in. Layers are recommended as you may warm up over the course of the workshop.
Please bring your own mat or blanket to layer on top of the classroom’s yoga blankets.

*Pre-registration required as space is limited.

*A minimum of 6 students will be required to hold the workshop. Maximum 20.

* Wellspring Movement Punch Passes not applicable to this workshop.

Photo by: Rosalie O’Conner

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