Fire Cupping


9:00am - 2:00pm


Eligible for 5 CEU hours

Come play with fire with this 2,500 year old and recently popular technique, cupping! Cupping made headlines in the USA during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio where athletes were showing up with these strange circular marks on their bodies, since then clients come requesting this fantastic treatment modality.

We will use both fire and manual pumps (without fire) to create a vacuum over the skin to move the tissues in an upward direction to separate them to increase circulation (actually ‘opposite’ of massage which is typically downward pressure). It is very effective in increasing circulation, and to help “unstick” layers of soft tissue as well as to help remove old stagnations and toxins. Though this technique typically leaves circular marks that look like bruises, but don’t worry because clients LOVE the treatment and the effects of it afterward. You will learn how to discuss the treatment and it’s results with the client, so there are no surprises, as well as being able to offer after-care for them.

We will cover: history, tools and supplies needed and where to find them, properties and functions of the techniques, specific treatment protocols, contraindications, and proper after-care. Each technique will be thouroghly demonstrated and there will be ample practice time for all participants.

This class is hands-on and participants will be practicing on each other. Please wear loose fitting clothing. Eg: Shorts or pants where the legs can easily be rolled up exposing the quadraceps and shirt tops without zippers and buttons.  Proper draping and privacy will be strictly reviewed and applied.

* You need to be a licensed practitioner (massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc) or currently enrolled in a licensing program to take this class.

This Fire Cupping class is part of a series that you can take individually or together. The classes in the series are: a. Fire Cupping, b. Moxibustion, c. Gua Sha, and d. Auricular Therapy (ear seeds) and the use of the TDP lamp, and Topicals & Liniments.


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