Gua Sha


9:00am - 1:00pm


Eligible for 4 CEU hours

Using a special tool to “scrape” and or “rub” against the skin helps us assess and treat stagnations at specific areas of the body. Gua sha is terrific for pain, inflammation, range of motion, releases blood and heat stagnation and increases immune function. Although gua sha will often leave a “road rash” like appearance, it doesn’t actually hurt and clients LOVE the effects. We will go over how to properly educate the client about what to expect, as well as proper aftercare. Another great aspect of this technique is how inexpensive and small the tools are that you will use, and how easy it is to administer treatment and layer onto your current practice. This is an experiential, dynamic, hands-on class with many applications and techniques.

We will cover: History, tools needed and where to find them, properties and functions of the techniques, specific treatment protocols, contraindications, and proper after-care. Techniques will be thouroghly demonstrated and there will be ample hands-on practice for all of the participants.

* This class is hands on and the participants will be practicing on each other. Please wear loose fitting clothing. Eg: Shorts or pants where the legs can easily be rolled up exposing the quadraceps and shirts without zippers and buttons.  Proper draping and privacy will be strictly reviewed and applied.

* You need to be a licensed practitioner (massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc) or currently enrolled in a licensing program to take this class.

This Gua Sha class is part of a series that you can take individually or together. The classes in the series are: a. Fire Cupping, b. Moxibustion, c. Gua Sha, and d. Auricular Therapy (ear seeds) and the use of the TDP lamp, and Topicals & Liniments.


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