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Tuesdays | 03/06/18 - 04/10/18

10:00am - 11:00am


10 & 20 Wellspring Movement Passes available | ClassPass members welcome

The first book about Chinese medical theory didn’t start with training about diseases, it talked about how you should follow nature and how you know yourself.

Chinese Medicine teaches us that to be healthy is to follow the way of nature. Syncing with nature improves our health and prevents illness in our bodies. It’s may be hard for us to be in touch with how our organs work because they are on the inside. But if you look to nature and see how it changes, then you will know how your body should change, because you are part of nature!

Today we don’t really experience the four seasons because we keep our houses cool in the summertime warm in the wintertime. This can disrupt the natural flow of the seasons within us.

In this 6-week series, you will learn about spring and connection with our liver, summer and the heart and also the spleen, through movements, meditations, mudras (hand positions), mantras (sounds) and breath work. Come to one class or take them all.

*Wear loose comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.

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