Tongue And Pulse Clinic

02/22/18, 05/08/18, 08/23/18, 11/13/18

6:00pm - 8:00pm


Eligible for 2 CEU hours

Tongue and Pulse diagnosis are nuanced diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine that get more accurate with practice and diligent awareness of the subtleties felt beneath your fingers and the discrimination that you utiilize while viewing the tongue.

Come join us quarterly to practice with your peers, gaining insight and finer development of your skills. We will be diving deep into the diferent qualities in the Tongue & Pulse and tie the information received to develop an assessment.

Feel and look at a variety of pulses and tongue while receiving direct feedback from Rylen.

This is a hands on (and tongues out) class as you will be practicing with other participants.

* This clinic is open to Wsha Alumni, and current students who have already completed their Tongue and Pulse diagnosis classes.

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