Western Herbs In Clinical Practice

01/20/18, 01/27/18, 02/10/18, 02/17/18, 02/24/18

2:00pm - 5:00pm


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Eligible for 15 CEU hours

This 15-hour class explores the medicinal uses Western Herbs. Rylen will discuss historical, traditional and current usage of popular and effective herbs and herbal preparations. Appropriate single, locally sourced herbs can offer an energetic superior quality to stored, imported herbs. Rylen will layer in the Chinese Medicine energetics of the Western Herbs she covers as appropriate or available. Adding the energetics to Western herbs allows us to have a broader perspective and more nuanced discrimination in our herb choices.

We will cover:

  • History of Western Herbalism
  • Herbal preparation methods
  • Considerations in choosing appropriate herbs
  • Introduction to the energetics of herbs
  • Western Herbs categorized in accordance to TCM energetic principles
  • Drug/herb/nutrient interactions and contraindications
  • Learn simple preparations for home care for self or patient

Depending on groups interest, students can elect to make and share an herbal preparation with the class.

The study and use of Herbs are one of Rylen’s greatest joys! She has been utilizing and practicing herbs for over 30 years.

If you missed this class this past summer – here is an opportunity to take it and then follow it with Western herbs II offered this spring.

*This is an excellent class for any one interested in the clinical use of Western herbs including Chinese Medicine practitioners wanting to introduce Western herbs into their practice.


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