The Wellspring School for Healing Arts believes that wholistic living principles and education should be available to everyone!  We offer programs, workshops and classes to existing health professionals for continuing education and development as well as wholistic living, student Amma Therapy clinics, health, Tai chi, Qigong and meditation classes to the community for self-development.

Our goal is to offer a robust set of classes and intensives that offer something for everyone!

Alumni of The Wellspring School:
We want to offer classes that continue to develop skills as an Amma Therapist and wholistic healthcare practitioner, while concurrently meeting continuing education requirements as an (OR) LMT or Certified (W)holistic Nutritionist.

Wholistic Healthcare Practitioners:
We plan to expand on continuing education classes and intensives at the professional level designed to meet the needs of practitioners from a variety of fields, including acupuncturists, bodyworkers, and wholistic nutritionists. These classes/series are designed to enrich existing practices in a dynamic, in-person classroom setting.

Community Members:
We will continue to offer ongoing movement and meditation classes, as well as classes focused on education in the areas of herbs, supplementation, nutrition and so much more to address all aspects of health and well-being.

As part of their training, students in both Amma Therapy and Wholistic Nutrition participate in student clinics. Student clinics are an excellent way to get a little self-care and support our student community.

See what our past students are saying!

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Womans Health Series Package

Women’s Health Series – Practitioner Package

Complementary Techniques Package

Complementary Techniques Package

Clinical Pearls & Ethics

Clinical Pearls & Ethics

Quieting The Mind

Quieting the Mind: Meditation & Breath

Western Herbs In Clinical Practice

Western Herbs in a Clinical Practice I

Qigong Class

Essence Qigong

Daily Dose Herbs And Supplements at The Wellspring School

Daily Dose – Herbs & Supplements

Womens Health Series Healthy Menstruation

Women’s Health Series: Healthy Menstruation

Amma Therapy Student Clinic II

Amma Therapy Student Clinic II

Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping

IMG 9200

Year of the Dog CNY Celebration



Tongue And Pulse Clinic

Tongue & Pulse Clinic

Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Ear Seeds And Topical Applications

Ear Seeds & Topical Applications

Daily Dose Vitamins And Minerals at The Wellspring School

Daily Dose – Vitamins & Minerals

Qi Gong, Outdoors Image, Toned Image, Horizontal Image

Qigong – Introduction to Spring and Summer Seasons

Techniques And Points Clinic

Techniques & Points Clinic

Food In The Treatment Of Disharmony at The Wellspring School

Food In The Treatment Of Disharmony

Dietary History Trends And Fads at The Wellspring School

Dietary History, Trends & Fads

Eat To Live Life Phases

Eat To Live: Life Phases

Cooking At The Wellspring School 2

Eat To Live: Nutrition For Western Conditions

Nutrition For Disordered Eating Across The Spectrum

Nutrition For Disordered Eating Across The Spectrum

T’ai Chi Chuan Yang Style

T’ai Chi Chuan – Yang Style


Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®

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