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CONGRATULATIONS to our Amma Portland Group One GRADUATES!

After two dedicated years, Erin, Tiffany, Keri, Nicole, Corey, and Carly have all successfully completed the Amma Therapy program! We are very excited as this is the first group to complete their entire program here in Portland. We had a wonderful celebration this past Friday, complete with family, friends, and delicious food!

The evening included speeches from several people: Instructor – Michael Guida, Alum – Michelle Ditter, Student- Keri Crittenden and Director – Rylen Feeney. What did they have to say? Well…

Michael taught us more about the lineage, his training and inspiration to teach. That’s what keeps US inspired! 

Michelle, who has now been practicing in the field of holistic healthcare for 13 years, reflected upon her time at The Wellspring School over a decade ago in Boise. She expressed her gratitude for the foundation and training she received at The Wellspring School during the Amma Therapy Program. We were glad to hear she felt the quality of education she’d gotten has served her well and then some. Go, Michelle!

Keri made everyone smile with her mini roast of students and staff. She reminded her fellow classmates that the Amma Program is not about achieving perfection, it’s about honoring the lineage and learning, treating, applying, and evolving to the best of their abilities each day. Way to go, Keri! 

Another comment we heard last week that really resonated was from another graduate. In her words, she started the Amma Program to help others but at the end of two years realized how much the program had helped her.

Check out the slideshow below from Friday’s celebration!

This group of students is on their way to doing great things in the Asian Bodywork world! We can’t wait to hear about their plans and accomplishments as post-graduation! We wish each and every one of them the best of luck.


Amma Therapy is a lineage-based Healing Art that will allow you to set yourself apart and create a sustainable practice in the field. As our graduates can attest, our program is designed to provide our students a manageable work, school, life balance. Are you inspired to learn more about the Amma Therapy Program? We have a special Amma Info Open House on December 8th 5:30 – 7:30pm. RSVP required for this event. Email or call (503) 688-1482.

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