Contemporary Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis

Take your diagnostic skills to a new level! Practitioners and students alike benefit from honing their tongue and pulse diagnostic skills. This class is required for current Amma Students and open to alumni, acupuncturists and Asian bodywork therapists looking for continuing education credits.

Tongue diagnosis will be reviewed and practiced. The major emphasis of this class will be spent on going over the foundations and specifics of Shen/Hammer Pulse diagnosis. This form of pulse diagnosis gives you instant tangible feedback on a clients state of qi, blood, fluids and shen as well as state of Yin or Yang imbalance. Pulse diagnosis will be explored from the broadest to most specific, including positions, right/left, overall and specific qualities.

Ample time will be given during class to practice both and ask lots of questions. The class is an excellent opportunity to review as well as dive deeper into the benefits of effective tongue and pulse diagnostic tools.

Practitioners who have struggled with or don’t feel confident in their Tongue and Pulse diagnosis consistently express the difference this style of pulse diagnosis makes. It is a truly accessible and effective means of Pulse taking.

Depending on the group and time permitting we will also review and practice 5-element diagnosis of color, sound, odor and emotion.

If you graduated awhile ago and don’t get a chance to practice this is your opportunity!

Cost: $275 for weekend
WSHA Alumni Discount: $75 off class price ($200)
Eligible for NCCAOM PDA credits

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