Countdown to Amma Therapy Student Clinic!

Countdown To Amma Therapy Student Clinic

Amma Therapy Student Clinic will be held on Wednesday afternoons, starting September 27th, 2017.It’s that time again! Our current Amma Therapy program group will be kicking off their student clinic experience next month. 

Appointments will be held at 1:45pm, 3:00pm and 4:15pm for one hour treatments – available for all ages! Student clinic is fully supervised by a licensed senior practitioner. This is a perfect way to experience Amma Therapy at an affordable price!

Cost is $35.00 per treatment, but for the first TWO WEEKS of clinic we are offering a special discount of only $25! 

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We asked the current students to share their thoughts about student clinic. Here’s what they had to say.

“My past experience in clinic as a client has me really excited to participate as a practitioner.  The experience I had in clinic is what moved me to pursue a career as an Amma Therapist.  I was amazed by what the treatments released in me and the level of healing I was able to attain being treated by the students at The Wellspring School. I am very excited for the opportunity to offer that kind of experience to clients coming this September!” – Ann


“I am equal parts nerves and excitement. I’m looking forward to treating 3 people in a row (the most I’ve done in one day is 2 treatments), in a professional setting. I think it will really take my practice to the next level. I think it’s definitely going to prepare me for what comes after graduation: starting my own practice!” – Jana, AG03


“I am looking forward to starting Student Clinic because I know it will deepen my practice, knowledge and skills/technique. I can’t wait to work with clients in a different way, working with the public, rather than just my friends & family.” – Terésa, AG03


“I’m looking forward to student clinic with anticipation and feel ready to concentrate my understanding of TCM through more regular practice. I’m most nervous to get through the first couple weeks as new things often take time for me to adjust. However, throughout the program I’ve discovered more satisfaction in doing something even though I was not familiar and a little afraid. I’m excited for further growth and confidence in my practice and myself.” – Nicole, AG03


“I’m looking forward to, but also nervous about this next step moving into Student Clinic. It’s exciting to gather all the knowledge we’ve learned so far, and getting to practice on clients. It will be great to see firsthand how it can help to shift things for the people of Portland.” – Leslie


“Studying Amma Therapy at The Wellspring School has changed my world view dramatically. The process has encouraged me to connect with my whole being in a way that makes me feel more rooted to myself than I ever have. I’ve learned about theories and concepts that I hadn’t ever considered, which have positively shifted the way I think and engage with others. It’s been overwhelming at times, but also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I look forward to sharing with with my future clients.” – Samantha


From Senior Amma Instructor, Michael Guida: “It’s always great to see when students start to implement the knowledge that they learn throughout the Amma Therapy program. It’s nice to see them applying their knowledge to specific clients’ needs. Even though they re classically nervous a the beginning of clinic, they soon fall into the rhythm of clinic and really enjoy the whole process. For some, it’s the first time they can start envisioning what their clinic or practice will look and feel like after they graduate – I love witnessing that excitement.”


Go Amma students! We can’t wait to see you move into your clinic experience! 

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