Cultivate your Mind with 1,000 Hands Buddha Qigong

Jennie King, Qigong Instructor at the Wellspring School

We feel very fortunate to have instructors like Jennie King, LAc, MAcOM, LMT (#7221), teaching classes at The Wellspring School for Healing Arts in both our Wholistic Nutrition and Amma Therapy programs. Jennie has a lot to offer on so many levels! When not teaching classes, you can find her busy at her practice, Red Bird Healing Arts, LLC. See below for what Jennie has to say about the beauty and benefits of Qi Gong.

Qigong is an ancient internal martial art connecting breath, visualization and movement. There are thousands of forms, each having their own energetic focus. Qi gong literally translates into “qi cultivation.” Doing qigong allows us to go inward to cleanse the mind and emotions. Most of the day we focus our attention outward. When we do qigong we shift back into ourselves to examine and delight in our inner workings.

1,000 Hands is an elegant form consisting of a series of hand mudras. Mudras, like asanas, are shapes we put our body in to channel a certain energy. The shapes of 1,000 hands Buddha are to help us put down our suffering and to reawaken our Heart. Sitting down to do 1,000 Hands is like coming home to yourself.

Just as qigong enriches our lifeforce, teaching recharges me and reinforces why I do qigong. There is a sweetness in cultivating qi as a community as well as a power boost when we come together to practice. I also enjoy hearing how each person dives into the form and comes out with his or her own meaning and experience.

Come practice Qigong with Jennie on Thursdays from 9:15am-10:15am. Click here for more info.

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