Sneak Peek into Daily Dose: Supplements & Herbs w/ Rylen Feeney

Daily Dose - Supplements and Herbs With Rylen Feeney

Are you interested in herbs and supplements but aren’t sure which to choose for what specific health needs? With the wide and expansive variety of available products to choose from it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Even if you are a practitioner it is hard to keep up with the research and to take time necessary to experiment to find which products deliver the consistent results you are looking for.

Rylen Feeney, Amma Therapist, Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner. Dipl. CH, ABT (NCCAOM), brings more than 28 years of experience and can share the best of the best when looking for supplements and single herbs to consider in the treatment of blood sugar balancing, thyroid, adrenal, digestion, immunity, female & male health, stress, mental-emotional, cerebral health and more!

Rylen will be teaching the upcoming class Daily Dose: Supplements and Herbs on February 3rd & 4th, 2018. This class is required for our Wholistic Nutrition Program students and is open to practitioners and the public. We asked Rylen to give a sneak peek into the class. Below are a couple of teasers on four faves that will be covered in class!

1.Rhodiola Rosea – only introduced in the U.S. in the early ninety’s this herb has been a Siberian/Russian and European favorite for centuries. Used for energy, stamina, mood, and fertility. This hardy succulent smells like a rose if bruised or nicked and grows on rocky mountain slopes from 11,000-16,000 feet and is found throughout the world from the Arctic, Central Asia and the Rocky Mountains to the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Carpathian Mountains, Ireland and Iceland. It has been shown to increase the lifespan of a fruit fly by 24%! What might it do for you?

Digital Painting: Tero Laakso/Creative Commons

2. S-adenosylmethinone (Sam-E) – Found in nearly every tissue and fluid in the body, Sam-E is made from L-Methionine and is dependent on adequate amounts of B12 and Folate. Sam-E is central to methylation in our bodies, making it a great choice for  liver health, joints and mood as well as possibly, cancer prevention, migraines, cognitive neurodegeneration.  “Recent studies have shown that SAMe is involved in the so-called “epigenetic” control of cellular function—the ability of cells to activate or suppress specific genes based on environmental influences—by its effects on proteins associated with chromosomes.” ( McGowan PO, Kato T. Epigenetics in mood disorders. Environ Health Prev Med. 2008 Jan;13(1):16-24).

3. Serrapeptase – is a proteolytic enzyme that is derived from a bacteria found in the intestines and saliva of silkworms, in other words, silkworm spit.  Silk worms utilize this enzyme to dissolve their cocoon.  As a powerful proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptase can be helpful in humans to reduce inflammation and C-reactive protein in blood, it can dissolve scar tissue, phlegm, arterial plaque and more. It has been studied for the treatment Rosacea, cystic breast disease and more. Lucky for us the bacteria can be cultured in the lab and no silkworms need be harmed to garner the benefits of this miraculous enzyme.

4. L-Theanine –  One of over 700 compounds found in Camellia Sinensis (Tea- Black, Green and White), L-Theanine is natural supplement that enhances mental calm and alertness.  This makes it a wonderful choice for anxiety and stress. Studies show that the ingestion of L-Theanine increase Alpha brainwaves, the same brainwaves that are accentuated when meditating. Also a favored nootropic when paired with caffeine, L-theanine is said to increase reaction time, memory, and mental endurance.

Thanks, Rylen!


Join us for Daily Dose: Supplements and Herbs to find all the details of these supplements and herbs and more!  We will cover use, dose, safety, and contraindications of the herbs and supplements found in Rylen’s vast apothecary.

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Acupuncturists! This class is preapproved by the NCCAOM for 14 continuing ed or PDA credits.

Saturday and Sunday, February 3rd & 4th, 2018.  9-5:30pm both days.

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