What is Energy Kinesiology?

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Today’s post comes from Debra Burchard, who has rented our space to lead a class on energy testing on March 29th from 10:00am-4:30pm. You can find details in the Other Happenings in Our Space page, or contact Debra directly at 541-890-9207 or debraburchard@gmail.comto register for the class.

Guest post from Debra Burchard

Debra Burchard

How do you feel when you’re sitting with a close friend, one who knows your history and still loves you? One to whom you could tell anything? For me, the feelings would be relaxation, presence and relief. What does such a relationship rely on? Trust, acceptance and communication. Showing up when it’s important.

What if you had that sort of relationship with your body? What if your body could communicate with you when it felt tired or stressed or cranky? (And not in the “running into doorways” or “crying over TV commercials” kind of ways.) Sometimes our stress may be so great that we lose perspective. That’s when a trusted friend comes in handy. That’s when Energy Kinesiology (aka Energy Testing, Muscle Testing, Muscle Monitoring, Muscle Checking, etc.) becomes indispensable. Being able to communicate clearly and directly to the body and its energies about its current and past experiences gives us an enormous advantage, not only in easing pain or limitation, but also in creating an atmosphere of balance in which relaxation, creativity and pleasure can arise.

What is Energy Kinesiology, anyway?? It’s a bio-feedback tool that uses the skeletal muscles’ tendency to turn off briefly in the presence of a stressor. Just as you would ask someone to sit down before delivering sad or shocking news for fear that they might collapse, the Anterior Deltoid, the PMC, the Quadriceps and others can be monitored in relationship to the stresses of life to find out what is affecting you and how best you can remedy the situation. It’s a deceptively simple process that you can learn in a day and perfect for years to come. I’ve been using Energy Testing for almost 30 years now and it never ceases to amaze and surprise me.

I have just written my second article on Energy Kinesiology for Massage Magazine. The first came out in 1997. It was a pleasure to reflect on the eighteen years between the two articles and realize how my relationship to the field and the tool itself had deepened. I can’t imagine my life without the insight provided by Energy Testing on a daily basis. Or as my daughter said when she was three years old, seeing me testing her babysitter: “Mama, do you do that to everybody?!?” Yes I do. And I’d love to teach you to do it, too.





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