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“Standing with head in the heavens and feet in the earth
Relaxed and natural
Human beings and universe in harmony
I am a channel between the heavens and the earth.”

The above is the English translation for the mantra repeated as part of the Essence Qigong form that I learned in last Thursday’s Essence Qigong class with instructor, Lan Chiang (Mu Lan).

As many of our students are aware, I have had some significant low back issues this past year that have made movement (in general) and movement classes a challenge for me. When Lan Chiang arrived on Thursday, I asked her if she thought the Essence Qigong form would be good for me to take based on my current physical restrictions. She seemed momentarily puzzled then smiled and said, “But of course. Intention precedes the Qi, so you can do the form in its entirety. Just envision the Qi traveling where you want it to go and allow your body to follow where it can. It is always beneficial.”

But of course! It was an “aha” moment for me as I realized I have limited myself mentally as much as my physically due to preconceived ideas about what I can and can’t do. Historically I have always enjoyed very physical practices with lots of movement. With a prolonged physical injury that seems to have transitioned from acute to chronic, I’ve gotten “stuck” in a place where I thought I really couldn’t do anything. The instructor’s words were a gentle yet powerful reminder that I can engage in mindful movement that is beneficial for my overall well-being, just perhaps from a different perspective.

So, shifting my perspective, I participated in the class allowing my intention and vision to continue where my body could not. From the initial warm up to the mantra to the first two routines of the form to standing meditation, I was surprised at how much Qi moved through me. My body was tired after the class and my mind was relaxed. I didn’t have to do 90 minutes of movement to feel the benefits. What a great discovery!

I also have to say I really enjoyed Lan Chiang’s teaching style. She gave a great overview of Qigong, the Essence form and was very patient. I highly recommend her series and plan to be there the next five weeks. It’s best if you can commit to the full series to learn the form in its entirety.

This is a great class series if you are interested in learning a short form you can do daily. It is actually recommended you do this form twice a day. This form is practiced to bring the Qi from the universe into the body, improving health and quickening spiritual growth. It is a great form for all ages, physical abilities and is one of my new favorites! 

It’s not too late if you missed class last week. You can jump in this Thursday (2/1) at 10:30AM for class #2 and catch up. Come join us!

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Contributed by Rachael Myles, Director @ The Wellspring School 


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