Five starting points for a healthy relationship with food.

relationship with food

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A wholistic approach to nutrition doesn’t just look at what we eat, but also acknowledges the importance of how we nourish ourselves.

Maybe you’ve witnessed or experienced obsessive dieting, mindless eating, or complicated rules getting in the way of enjoying food and the community around it.  It takes a healthy relationship with food to get there.

Not every relationship has to look the same to be healthy – in fact, we strongly believe in understanding and cultivating your own individual relationship with food.

Here are five questions you can use to get a clearer sense of how healthy your relationship with food is right now:

1. Do you feel confident about food?

Or do you fear that it might work against you, or that you don’t really know how to choose and prepare foods that are healthy for you?

2. Do you listen to your body’s cues?

At the basic level, this might mean eating when you’re hungry; with some practice and insight it can also mean selecting foods that give your body – and your mind, too – exactly what it needs at the time.

3. Do you take time to appreciate food?

This can be as simple as sitting down to eat and really noticing the flavors and qualities of your meal.

4. Do you enjoy the social aspect of eating?

Or does eating with others stress you out?

5. Do you feel empowered to nourish yourself?

Eating is a daily opportunity to build health – for yourself and those you care about. Amazing, isn’t it?

If this idea of healthy relationships with food resonates with you, we want you to know that we offer several opportunities to explore it further.

Right now, we are enrolling for our Wholistic Nutrition professional certification program starting in February 2015, and cultivating healthy relationships with food is one of the core concepts that informs its curriculum.

It is always exciting to watch students transform their own relationship with food – and then after graduation help their clients accomplish the same, creating a solid base for making other changes in their health through nutrition.

Many of the classes in the program are – space permitting – open to the community! To hear about upcoming classes, make sure you are getting our monthly email updates, and visit our Classes page to see what we have on the calendar for the fall and winter.

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