Food and The Treatment of Disharmony

This class is designed for those with a background it Chinese Medicine. We will go thorough all the primary zang/fu patterns and discuss the appropriate nutritional considerations that apply to each pattern. We start with a recap of an energetically sound preventative (Spleen friendly) diet and then move into remedial diets based on Chinese Medicine patterns of disharmony. Rylen focuses on useable, approachable remedies and dietary advice, rather than traditional Chinese herbs and foods. This class is packed full of dietary wisdom applicable for the western client.

Required for current Wellspring School Wholistic Nutrition Students, open to all Wellspring School Alumni, and Acupuncturists and Asian Bodywork therapist (with TCM theory foundations).

All classes are eligible for NCCAOM PDA’s. May be eligible for other health professional CEU’s.
Class Cost: $285

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